Debbie’s March Update

This is all new to me…I never thought I would be TEXTING an article from the road. What is this world coming to?!

Kristin’s February Update

And he’s off!! I cannot believe that my baby Luke is walking and running.
It’s always so exciting, yet sad at the same time since he’s growing up SO
FAST! This new milestone and the phenomenon of now having 3 children running
around has ushered in yet another stage of life. I’ll be completely honest
and admit that most of this month, I feel like I’m in survival mode!

A Note from Juli

At the present, Mum’s off visiting her mother in AZ, leaving me as head hen over the coop. Dad’s done an amazing job of keeping up with the daunting piles of laundry and helping out with Brianna’s innumerable questions. Meanwhile, Dyanna, with the expert help of her friend, Amanda, is just about to wrap up her 2 month-long project of sewing cushion covers for our bus.

The Great Litchi Harvest

Care for some fresh picked litchis? Or lychee, laichi, lichu – depending on where you’re from. For us, it’s the taste of summer! We are blessed this term to have our very own gigantic, shady, litchi tree in our backyard. Our bountiful crop was ready to enjoy at Christmas time!


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