A Note from Juli

“Do hard things, Juli.” These were the words Dad gave me as I busied myself baking cookies, doing laundry, anything but starting this article…don’t take me wrong. I am so thankful God has allowed our paths to cross. But, how do you begin a letter to someone you’ve never met? Or a large group of people, in this case. I guess it’s the same way spiritually speaking. There are numerous tasks God would have us do, yet we fiddle around and make excuses, instead of facing it. With that in mind, I’ll dive right in. 🙂

At the present, Mum’s off visiting her mother in AZ, leaving me as head hen over the coop. Dad’s done an amazing job of keeping up with the daunting piles of laundry and helping out with Brianna’s innumerable questions. Meanwhile, Dyanna, with the expert help of her friend, Amanda, is just about to wrap up her 2 month-long project of sewing cushion covers for our bus.

On the 14th, we wound our way up into the hills of Shickshinny, PA, for a weekend conference. Dad came down with a bug, leaving him without a voice, so we kids & Mum took over the power-point presentation, singing, and Sunday School hours. The pastor even squeezed in a tour of the nuclear power plant. I never thought science could be fun. 🙂 As we traveled home Sunday afternoon, Dad swung through our old hometown of Weatherly, giving the kids a grand tour of the place.

The boys have had the opportunity to attend E.B.A. while acclimating to America. Between choir, world views, Bible class, hand-bells, basketball, & chapel, they keep busy. Drew’s 13th birthday happened to fall on the same day as their basketball game, so we celebrated with cupcakes for all the team members. Dad’s the new game announcer, keeping us in stitches with his comments and puns. Speaking of stitches, Dad is sporting 3 new ones in his hand, thanks to a slip while working on our bus.

We’ve enjoyed many sumptuous meals with friends, participating in choir & special music, cheering on basketball games, singing to shut-ins and so much more. Thanks to all who’ve made us feel so welcome.

Julianna Wilhite


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