Trying to come out from underneath the negative onslaught, knowing truth is within and is trying to be heard amongst the din.

The Strength of My Heart

So many times this week I have felt my flesh and my heart failing. Yet the Word of God promises us strength…through Christ alone.

child with apple

Giving Thanks

I’m meditating on this verse today, so I thought I would share with you a few of the “thanks” that are on my mind.

kitchen cabinets copy

Kitchen Cabinets

With all this outdoor activity as summer rounds the corner kitchens are at risk of neglect. These breezy warm days are the …


Safety Is Of The Lord

The Bible tells us that “safety is of the Lord.” So we can trust Him to take care of us, whether here or in America.

run to christ

Run to Christ

You’ll not regret your solemn vow,
To come in prayer with furrowed brow.
Retreat to Him, the time is now!

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Hide & Seek?

I love hiding where I can see my kids, but they can’t see me.

summer quinoa

Summer Quinoa Salad

This healthy and light salad is packed with nutrients and is perfect for a summer picnic!

jack in the pulpit

Jack In The Pulpit

Shall we tell how he preached it
And what was his text?
Alas! Like too many
Grown-up folks who play
At worship in churches
Man-builded today,
We heard not the preacher
Expound or discuss;
But we looked at the people,
And they looked at us.



Sometimes it feels like our emotions come on us from some other planet. Surely, they don’t belong to me! Yet, here we are mopping up the mess that came out of us…

Always & Never

Words of wisdom written from eleven different mothers to a new mom.


Our Longsuffering Lord

The characteristics of our God are so beyond our comprehension, not the least of which is His longsuffering nature.



Feelings come from a variety of sources…stop and consider this thought-provoking question.

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Is Your All on the Altar?

Three years ago, on my 32nd birthday, I found a large bald spot on the back of my head. I panicked and thought of the most horrific things that could be wrong with me.

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A Very Lovely Accident

Is snow just a winter decoration? Or does it sit on mountain tops waiting for the warm springs to melt it into rains needed for the streams and farms below? A very lovely accident.


The Turn of the Season

It’s been a long winter. Cold, dark, and let’s face it, depressing at times. Talk of the coming season creeps into our …