Kristin’s February Update

From Kristin Hammett

Dear Ladies,

And he’s off!! I cannot believe that my baby Luke is walking and running.
It’s always so exciting, yet sad at the same time since he’s growing up SO
FAST! This new milestone and the phenomenon of now having 3 children running
around has ushered in yet another stage of life.  I’ll be completely honest
and admit that most of this month, I feel like I’m  in survival mode! Know
what I mean? You know, the feeling like you are in a snow globe that has
been  vigorously shaken by chubby, little , sticky fingers? 🙂 The days you
find mascara on the poor stuffed animal, or a frog massacre, or teething
bouts that seem endless, or when you can recite “Goodnight Moon” but you
can’t remember your cell phone number?! Yes ma’am. Real life. It’s the same
in the Southern Hemisphere, I assure you.

Yet the Lord wants all of us to thrive, not just survive – no matter what
may swirl around us. No matter how many dishes in the sink. No matter how
many squished grapes are becoming one with the floor. No matter how
sleepless the night was. He wants us to have abundant lives, abiding in Him
– now – not when the kids are finally all able to completely take themselves
to the potty. God is so good and faithful. I want to share how He’s been
gently leading me . in the trenches so to speak.

Psalm 37:7 “Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him.”
Psalm  46:10  “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the
heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Sometimes, I tell my children to just BE STILL. It can be hard for them,
can’t it? Sometimes it’s hard because they are uncomfortable so they have
their comfort on the brain. Sometimes it’s hard because they are excited and
patience is wearing thin. Sometimes it’s hard because they are fearful, and
the flesh cries out to be let go. Sometimes it’s hard because they are busy,
too busy to think they can be still! Sometimes, it’s hard because they are
preoccupied and they want to just keep doing what they were in the middle

When staring at the Red Sea before them and the army of Pharaoh gaining on
them with each passing moment, Moses tells the children of Israel to STAND
STILL and see what God would do (Exodus 14:13).That always amazes me. Can
you imagine being in Moses’ sandals – or one of the people hearing the noise
of the encroaching army, and hearing the simple, yet profound words of
Moses, “Stand still”?!  “But we can NOT stand still. We’ve got to DO
something, or we’ll be toast.”

Sometimes, we are at that place in our lives. We are uncomfortable, excited,
fearful, busy, or preoccupied. We are ready to move on, fix the problem, get
away from the fear, check things off the to-do list, or silence the
interruptions and finish the task. Then we find ourselves coming up short of
the wisdom, strength, and resources we need. And yet I hear God whispering:
Rest. Wait. Be still. But resting and abiding  IN the Lord – not in fear,
worry, anxiety, stress – but it all that the word REST intimates.

Just like I take my child by the hand to keep him safe, or to guide him, or
to just to be near him, so God wants us to place our hand in His – and rest
in that security. When the child pulls and resists because he’s
uncomfortable, excited, fearful, too busy, or preoccupied, what do they
often say? “Mommy, it hurts.” The reply is gently spoken, “But it only hurts
because you are trying to break free and do your own thing.” I can hear the
Lord whispering to just rest in my wisdom, guidance, presence, and
protection. Just willingly let me take your hand. BE STILL, and know that I

From my home to yours,


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