Just Graduated? Now What Do I Do? Part 4

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the different priorities you should implement in your life after graduation. If you missed my previous articles, you will want to start there as I explained in detail about each of the priorities listed below.  


  1. Cultivate a Real Relationship with Christ
  2. Surround Yourself with Godly Friendships.
  3. Keep Your Heart With All Diligence
  4. Get Busy Learning, Growing and Serving.

In conclusion, here are a few final thoughts given to me from the many individuals I interviewed in preparation for this series. I pray this wisdom would be helpful to you (or any parents reading this) as you transition to this important stage of adulthood in your life.


In regards to preparing for marriage (after you are financially and emotionally ready):

“Set aside time to pray and commit to your personal standards for what a godly young person (yourself) should look for in a mate, and don’t compromise these things based on other physical/personality features that you find attractive. It may be easy to find someone you like, but it takes spiritual maturity to see what kind of a godly influence they will make as a husband/father/mother/wife. (This is where a young person is wise to seek approval and direction from their parents - because there are many things we can be blinded to as young people.) Is the cause of Christ real to them? What are their core values and beliefs? Take time to talk through these things with godly adults/ parents, and be confident in your own walk with Christ. The right kind of person will be attracted to someone who is complete in Christ.”

“My parents taught me to look for qualities in a spouse who had the same values as I did, being family oriented, valued me staying home, loved kids, good provider. Etc.”

“Each of us siblings had a unique experience with how God brought us together with our mate. No two stories are the same - but we knew my parents were constantly praying for us and wanted the best for us - so there was a great deal of trust in their decisions along the way. When we honored our parent’s counsel, there was peace in our hearts; and God graciously chose to bless us as we did our best to find someone with whom we could build a godly home.”

Transitioning Our Young Adults to Adulthood:

“My parents adequately prepared me for adulthood by teaching me character, responsibilities, focusing on life-skills, financial independence (not getting a driver’s license until you can pay for your own insurance, purchase own ‘wants,’ clothes, shoes etc.).”

“My parents also modeled a good marriage/family, implementing biblical dress standards and music standards, even dating standards. My parents taught we were not allowed to date until we were ready for marriage, which the Lord used to bring us to a betrothal position, even though at the time my parents never heard of it.”

“My parents taught me biblical sexual standards and had very open conversations with us, especially having attended a public high school. I definitely have zero regrets in getting to the marriage alter through betrothal, and God preserved me for that.”

I am very thankful to all of the individuals who shared their heart with me as I interviewed them about this important stage of life. I believe that as a Christian, we can learn from other Godly individuals from all walks of life. This is one of the blessings of being in a good sound church that is growing. I trust you will take each of these priorities and thoughts and cultivate their wisdom in your own life. It may be helpful to try focusing on one area each quarter throughout the year or to make a list of the areas you want to work on and focus on one per month. Seeking out accountability with this plan will help you be successful!


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