Victim Mentality and Healthcare

Personal responsibility. It all begins and ends right here. The lie that you are sick because someone else got you ill, it’s just that, a lie. I equate it to saying, “so and so caused me to sin.” No, we are individually responsible. Healthcare is almost an oxymoron. Obviously it is disease care. The fact that they were giving out coupons for milkshakes and hamburgers with Covid injections, Should have made everyone’s blood boil. Since when is a McDonald’s happy meal going to help your health. Let’s just brush over the fact that obesity carries its own health issues?
There is no such thing as safety or staying safe. You are not responsible for keeping me healthy; I am. We are a superorganism - 90% virus,bacteria and other microorganisms. If my “terrain “ is healthy, they won’t flourish. So even if I quarantine alone, I am infested.

Most of our health is a result of choices. Stop blaming others. Making excuses is the same thing.

What excuse is good enough to not exercise. No legs? Do you have arms? Work them out. Live on a hill and can’t run? Can you run in place in your living room? Can’t run? Can you walk in place in your living room? Don’t wait for ideal circumstances. That is just a victim mentality.

Take action. What excuse is shoving sugar - a known health risk and carcinogen - down your throat? Who said you have to over eat? Why are you seeking joy from your food?

A child may be a victim. They cannot make choices. At some point, you cross over into being responsible. No one else bears the consequences of your choices but you.

I am not throwing stones. I have battled weight, wrong thinking, poor choices, poor habits, and just plain laziness. I endeavor to make wise choices, but who among us has not failed.

Admit failure. Be teachable. Seek wisdom.

It’s out there. There is truth. Modern “healthcare” labels everything a disease and not a consequence of choice. (There is actual disease-but not everything is a disease.)

Personally, I have been so far down the path of poor health, I couldn’t see HOW I could ever be healthy. It’s Biblical. Start small, line upon line. One good choice at a time. Do your battles where they belong. Fight the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Your physical health often parallels spiritual truth. Be part of life more abundant. And if no one is cheering you on, there is a great cloud of witnesses who are. You matter. What happens to you matters. Take responsibility.


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  1. Well said! The struggle is real, but the choice can be made to not idolize food. Daily struggle for me, but I desire to look to God for help and learn how to make healthy choices! Thanks for this ‘in your face’ article, I need that; keep them coming!

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