Strawberry Pie – By Cindy Knepp

G&H“Designed to promote Biblical living for today’s Christian Woman.” It is our highest desire that this publication encourages and edifies ladies in their daily walk with the Lord and strengthens …

Going into Pain

As a mother who has raised children without organized sports.., there is a character gap that is difficult to teach. It is a concept that I may not be appreciated …


Our Moments Kept for Jesus

The following article is taken from the book, Kept for the Master’s Use, by Frances Havergal. Keep my moments and my days; Let them flow in ceaseless praise. We do …

You Don’t Do What?!?!

We are natural health people. As a general rule….we don’t take medicine…we don’t vaccinate…we take supplements …we are careful eaters…we exercise, and we get adjusted. A common misconception is that …

Have You Thought about It?

Most women have looked in the mirror… and been less than thrilled with the weight of the image looking back at them. Although I will discuss some, not all, of …

From Freezer to Slow-Cooker

Having ready made meals in your freezer is nothing new. However, it takes planning and usually involves precooking before freezing. More recently the idea of assembling meals to put in …

Chili for a Crowd

Chili is an easy meal …to toss into the slow cooker for dinner on a cold, dreary winter’s evening, and it can easily be customized to your family’s preference. This recipe makes …


Hot and Cold

More often then not, we choose our own health issues. It can be chosen by poor habits, foolish choices, stubborn attitudes or ignorance.

A “Pectin” Review

Got an abundance of fruit? Try canning using this top-notch pectin.


There are reasons…

How do we bring glory to God through what we eat? And can nutrition effect us spiritually?

Got Tomatoes?

Here’s a savory tried-n-true recipe for salsa!

Zucchini Chicken Enchiladas

During this time in the summer the zucchini are producing at a rapid rate, unfortunately, everyone is growing tired of eating it.

Kitchen Cabinets

With all this outdoor activity as summer rounds the corner kitchens are at risk of neglect. These breezy warm days are the perfect setting to give your cabinets a summer …

Summer Quinoa Salad

This healthy and light salad is packed with nutrients and is perfect for a summer picnic!



Sometimes it feels like our emotions come on us from some other planet. Surely, they don’t belong to me! Yet, here we are mopping up the mess that came out of us…


Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?

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Our commitment to Christ is reflected in the spirit that seeps out of us…What does your fruit taste like?



Depression. Ten letters, but sometimes from the way it is handled in Christian circles, you would think it had four. Dr. Michelle ZarrilloJoyfully serving her Saviour in her blessed position …


Winter Resolutions

Are any of you already discouraged over your failing New Year resolutions? Here’s a 10-minute solution to help you get back on track.


Butternut Kale Soup

This recipe was invented out of salvaging what was in the left in the pot and the results became one of our favorites!