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Chlo-Jo’s Friends around the World

A giggle escaped as I opened the box and saw the bright cover of Chlo-Jo and her dog in a hot air balloon. I’m pretty sure I love children’s books more than my children do. I couldn’t wait for Chloe to wake up so I could read it to her! We were not disappointed as we turned page after page and saw the beautiful illustrations and the Biblical truth.


Chlo-Jo’s Friends around the World by Linnea Rawls is an adorable Christian children’s book about a little girl and her dog, who visit their friends around the world in a “super spiffy” hot air balloon. These friends are other believers who live in different cultures. She visits the countries of Botswana, Thailand, Samoa and more. One of the main lessons Chlo-Jo learns on her journey is that there are many believers in other countries and while they don’t always do things exactly the same way as we do in America, they can still follow God and obey the Bible.

My two children especially loved the colorful illustrations. The characters are so adorable! They love to point out all the exciting things taking place in the pictures. Of course, Chlo-Jo’s dog Puppup is a big attraction as he follows Chlo-Jo on her journey. Linnea has also hidden a Bible on each page, and my kids love to find it!

As a mom, I love the Biblical lessons in this book. Children are taught that God loves all people and all countries and that anyone can follow Christ wherever they live. It also teaches that God’s Word is always true no matter where in the world it’s being taught and that it’s more important than culture. Every visit includes a Bible verse that applies to the specific area that Chlo-Jo talks about with her friend. For example, as Chlo-Jo and her friends in Botswana try not to be distracted by the elephant invading the church service, Linnea includes Proverbs 1:5, “A wise man will hear and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.”

The book is geared toward children ages 3-5, but I would say that children of all ages will find it enjoyable. The younger ones love all the colors and characters. It also gives a lot of opportunity for spiritual discussion with your children as they grow older. I highly recommend this book and I look forward to more books by this author in the future!

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