This Little Light of Mine

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.Matthew 5:16

If you talk to me for more than five minutes, I am probably going to mention that I cycle.  It is a “bit” of a hobby for me.  All that being said, I had a unique experience last summer on my bike that has impacted how I relate to others.

I rode my bike at night with a friend. Her light had broken during the ride so my bike light had to be used for us both. My “job” was to ride beside with my light shining on her path. 

In the middle of the country, the darkness was overwhelming. My light was critical. If I shut it off, there was nothing. 

Are there not dear souls that you are the ONLY light to shine in their darkness?

The pace was not set by me. It didn’t matter if I wanted to go faster or slower. My job was to follow and be there, at whatever pace she chose. I had to watch and pay attention; it was critical to not be distracted.  Are you watching to be there to meet the needs of others? 

It didn’t matter what I wore – messy hair and unmatched socks were fine. Bugs flew on me a lot.   Manure smells from the farm fields were “special.” Riding in perfect form was not necessary.  If I was tired, it was OK. My job was to be there and shine my light. 

Everyone has their own light now, but my life has been changed because I saw how to shine a light in the darkness.  I needed that physical life experience to teach me a spiritual lesson.


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