Are We There Yet?


If you have ever gone anywhere with children, you have heard this question. However, don't we often ask it ourselves? Are we not always looking for a finish line? There are two major thinking flaws here: one, that we will have happiness, joy, peace when we reach the "after" perfect health/body. Two, that ALL creation may groan, but your body is the exception.

First, let's talk about that before/after mentality. We can do better. We can make improvements. 

We can choose healthier. We can be faithful in the things we know we should be physically doing.  But even a child knows, when you get the desired toy for your birthday, you set your eyes on Christmas.

I strongly advocate caring for your frame. If a car needs maintenance, how much more do you?  So I recommend, unequivocally, you run that race, lose that weight, cut out the junk, take your supplements, get yourself out of bed early, and hit those goals. But do so with your eyes open. Once you achieve a goal, there will be another. You will never be done. Yes, you still should strive, but don't be deceived that it will bring you happiness, peace and joy. Those are gifts from God. You have to spend your time somewhere; will it be striving to make improvements?

Second, all of creation groans. We have to physically fight many things; all the while, we are aging. Our body is replicating, repairing, and remodeling itself in continually substandard models. So unless you fight this, it can go quite quickly, but even with the fight, you will age.  Eventually, you may get a condition, or even a disease.  I still recommend that you fight, but you will have eventually some hurdles and battles to go through.

It takes a lot of work to be healthy. It takes a lot of work to be sick. It is expensive to be healthy. It is expensive to be sick. It takes time to make healthy choices. It takes time to fulfill unhealthy choices.  And new habits and choices are HARD to establish. They are not easy for anyone.

So you have failed in the past? You quit you exercise? You have a pantry full of unhealthy food? Your supplements are collecting dust? So?!?! Get up and start again. I have quit running more times than I can count. And?!? Like the rest of us, you try again.

Success builds success. Start small and succeed.  And then set you sights on that next goal.  And accept that it will be hard, and you may fail, but that you will try.  My path isn't your path. Where I may succeed, you may struggle. Where you succeed, I may flop right on my face.  It's a new year and a chance to start again. Get busy.


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