There is a common misconception that all symptoms are bad and must be eliminated. These thoughts stem from a philosophy by which the entire medical profession practices. The term “allopath”, on which allopathic medicine is based, is the practice of opposites. If you have a fever, then lower it. If it is swollen, reduce the swelling. Homeopathy is based on the practice of same. If you have tears, produce more. Neither philosophy, in my opinion, will be 100% correct, 100% of the time. At some point as a child of God, you may have to evaluate your health decisions, and understand that the professional opinion is based upon a philosophy that the doctor knows better than the body. Did not the Creator of the universe design our bodies? Remembering that our bodies are designed, let us consider a common process – the fever.



Eggs contain the highest amount of cholesterol per unit weight of all common foods. It is this fact that has created a wide spread fear of eating eggs. It was feared that eating a diet high in cholesterol would increase heart disease. The research and reasoning were faulty. In the 1940-50’s the average person ate more than an egg per day. Today, that number has dropped, as more people have switched from eggs for breakfast to cereal. Millions of Americans gave up eating one of the most nutritious, cheapest and available food sources, because of this false fact.


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I’m sooo tired

How often do we hear this? How often do we say it? I remember being dead tired as a teen. Also, there is the extreme tiredness a new mommy feels from night after night of interrupted sleep. Sometimes, insomnia can make day drag in a foggy state. Then there are the times, we do it ourselves, knowing we are burning both ends of the candle, but pushing our bodies beyond the limits of matter. Fatigue has been linked to anger, irrational thoughts, poor decision making, hormone imbalance, (including leptin, which tells your body it is time to Stop eating), depression and anxiety. Not to mention its link with 56,000 car crashes every year with 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths.


You’re All Wet

Water. Most of our body and the earth is made up of it. Water is basic to life. In geometry proofs, it’s a given. The Lord uses our daily need of it to pattern our spiritual daily need. Although the spiritual applications are many, our physical intake of water is one of the best habits you can add to your lifestyle.

Heavenly Sunlight

Remember sun worshipers? Not literal worshiping of the sun, but people who were just too tan. It was always a dream of mine, as a pale gal, to have that bronzed look. Next, skin cancer scares really kept all of us out of the sun and indoors. What is the truth about sun exposure? How much is too much? As a doctor, I get this question often and with all this heat, it has been on my mind.


Dealing with Food Allergies

When worse came to worst, Karley was just three years old and we spent the night in the ER trying to figure out what was going on. After X-Rays and blood work, IVs, poking and prodding, we were sent home to search for ourselves looking for the root cause of her rapidly growing physical symptoms. They were so bad that she could not get off the couch, her belly swelled up like she was pregnant, she rolled up in a ball on the couch because of her pain.

The Flip Side of Calcium’s Coin

Remember growing up being told to drink your milk for strong bones? Now a days, we all are concerned about taking our calcium to prevent osteoporosis. The government even raised the RDA for calcium from 500mg to 1,000mg per day. You would think that our bones would be rock solid and no longer an issue to contend with in America. What if I told you, as a rule, our calcium intake is sufficient?


An Oldie, but a Goodie!

What do you do when you are hit with a virus, a cold, or any other – itis? Well, most people head to the drug store for a box of pills: Sudafed, aspirin and other decongestants. While others put there stock in more traditional herbal remedies. They can be very effective, if given early. All these may have a place in the average medicine cabinet provided it’s not too serious. But perhaps you should consider a more natural effective option. One that will boost your immunity, even when you feel good. I’m referring to Vitamin C.

An Easy Way to a Healthy Holiday

The holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving is over and the rush of Christmas begins, followed close behind by New Years! Whether the holiday season brings joy or sadness, family gatherings or solitude, stress or excitement, one thing is to be sure; there will be food. Probably lots of it! Whether you are hosting a gathering or contributing to one, you want the food to be tasty and delicious. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using real ingredients. But what exactly does that mean?

What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?

With the onset of school and cooler weather, my mind turned to stocking our medicines for the winter. Unfortunately, we were blessed with our first bout of colds before I could replenish our stock! I’ve never liked using over-the-counter medications. They usually contain fake sugars, food coloring, and often only mask the symptoms instead of dealing with the illness. Aside from that, most medications have little to no effect on me, so I usually consider it a waste of time to take them. Others are overly sensitive to medications and experience adverse side effects. When you’re sick, it doesn’t help to give yourself extra problems!

Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen

In several past articles, we’ve addressed the dangers of pesticides, how to read organic labels and the benefits of purchasing locally. Very few, if any of us, can afford to purchase everything organic, so you may be sitting back and wondering what are the most important areas to focus on.

Local Harvest

With the quickly passing signs of spring, we are headed full steam into summer. With summer comes lots of sun, and fresh air, and the opportunity for fresh fruits and vegetables. For some that means planting a large garden, for others it means visiting the local, pick-your-own farm for fresh strawberries and blueberries, and for others, it means visiting the local farmer’s market.

Seeded Wheat Baguette

I’ve recently been baking breads and experimenting with some different recipes. I’ve never owned or used a bread machine. I do believe that they are probably very convenient, but I also know that there’s nothing like mixing up some dough and kneading it by hand. It sounds like a big chore, but honestly, it takes a very small amount of time to mix some flour, yeast and a few other ingredients and knead them for less than 10 minutes. Yes, there is that rising time and forming time, but I just put on the timer, and forget about it until the buzzer tells me it has risen. Bread really is very simple…

Scrumptious Seeds

Last month, I wrote about the many nutritional elements of tree nuts. This month I would like to touch upon seeds. Nuts are actually the seeds of trees with a hard shell, so many of the same benefits of tree nuts will be found in the similar nuts of plants. Pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds are all very well known. You may already be enjoying them as snack or as an ingredient of your baking or cooking.

Nutritious Nuts

Most people either love or hate tree nuts such as pecans, walnuts, cashews or almonds. We really enjoy them at our house and primarily eat them as a healthy, afternoon snack. There are many different kinds of nuts, and they all contain similar benefits to a person’s health. When most people think of nuts, the first thing that comes to mind is fat. While it is true tree nuts contain fats, they are primarily mono saturated fats, also known as good fat. Instead of causing you to gain weight, eating nuts will actually help you lose weight and keep it off!


Avocados are a wonderful fruit that contain a powerhouse of health. Typically grown in the southern hemisphere, avocados are also grown in California and Florida. The two types of avocados are Haas avocados, which have dark, bumpy skin, and the Fuerte avocado, which is larger and has a smooth green skin. They have a pale, greenish-yellow fruit with a single stone, and a delicious buttery rich taste.


Organic Labeling

Organic items are hugely popular in stores right now and product lines are continuing to expand and grow. Big companies want to get in on the money-making band wagon that the organic craze has produced. But what exactly does “organic” mean and is it truly better than non-organic?


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