You’re All Wet

By:  Dr. Michelle Zarrillo

Water. Most of our body and the Earth is made up of it. Water is basic to life. In geometry proofs, it’s a given. The Lord uses our daily need of it to pattern our spiritual daily need. Although the spiritual applications are many, the physical intake of water is one of the best habits you can add to your lifestyle.

What exactly does water contribute to in our body? Glad you asked. For starters, it regulates our body temperature. It is used to eliminates toxins and waste. It lubricates joints. It is in your blood and lymph, which help you fight off illness. Water is the medium of ALL chemical reactions in your body. It is so important that a body that is deprived of water will die after approximately three days.

Once the need for water has been established, the quantity of water becomes a question. We are told that eight 8-oz glasses a day is mandatory; this is a guideline and not a law. Ezekiel 4:11 talks about drinking a sixth part of a hin, which is less than 4 cups a day(8 oz in a cup). I believe this is a minimum, not a recommendation. Also, if you weigh more, you need more water. About a quart for every fifty pounds of body weight is a good rule to use. Since there are four cups to a quart, this puts many people well over the eight cups a day rule. Other factors include heat, activity, illness and how much you sweat/perspire. Thirst can be, but may not be a good indicator; it is not 100% reliable. For that matter, urine color is not a gold medal standard, either. Estimate based on your body weight and when your fluid function improves, you should have a decrease in hunger and water retention. Technically, you can get too much, but this is usually a problem for endurance athletes. Also, to state the obvious, water consumption should be spread out throughout the day, and not all chugged in at one time.

Quality of water is really an issue. If you are actually hydrating your body properly, it IS detrimental to do so with toxins and contaminants. Bottled water can be expensive. Also, there is some evidence that suggests that the plastic can leech into the water. Now, most of us are not so organically pure in their intakes and exposure that this would be a major factor, but for some it is. If you would like to err on safety, glass bottles really are better. (And yes, this does make me think about plastic baby bottles.) Sometimes, a filter is worth the cost. It is definitely worth it to have the quality of your home water checked out. Some water can have lead, chemicals and even fecal matter. Enough said. Also, water is better absorbed when it is cold. It is also said to burn more calories, so win/win. Technically, coffee, soda, tea, and juice can count as part of your water consumption count. The liquid quality of these items are not in question, but the caffeine, sugar and acid can produce a boat load of problems. So, it is my professional recommendation that you drink water.

Pay attention to your water intake. Your body will thank you.


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