Pushed or Prescribed?


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the massive onslaught of commercials and ads that push medicine? Wouldn’t you notice it if they were ads for cocaine? Has anyone else spoken with someone older who has had some health complaint for years and they have just bore it? And did you walk away shaking your head thinking they are just being ornery?

Have you considered that they are thinking clearly and maybe you have been sold a bill of goods that makes you think you should have instant healing? Pain free existence? No consequences for sinful or ignorantly wrong lifestyles? pushed or prescribed quote 1

I am not advocating being a martyr in health when there are options. It is our responsibility to care for the frame…whatever condition it may be in. Neglect of ourselves is not a form of godliness. You would not expect your car to run without gas, or oil. And the contrast to this is really just self worshiping…Caring for ourselves at the expense I others.

If you can follow this comparison…”Maybe your car doesn’t need flames coming out on the sides!” 🙂

In American culture, most of us know a drug addict. Perhaps not crack or cocaine but prescription and even over-the-counter drugs are still drugs. It is time to wake up and realize many are asleep…drugged to sleep.

pushed or prescribed quote 2I am not opposed to necessary medication, medication for a season during healing, or even medicine for pain. I am strongly opposed to not seeking the cause and not attempting or doing what is necessary to promote health. Sometimes, there is a valid need for medicine (even psychological medicine); having a medical need is not a sin. But sometimes, it covers up what process God wants to complete in your heart. No medicine, pill or liquid should be taken lightly. They ALL have side effects. Some even alter your personality; that is scary! Consider your purpose and reason for taking any pill; no pharmaceutical company has your best interest at heart.
God’s word warns of pharmacia. Fundamentally, allopathic medicine is the practice if opposites, as if our bodies were ignorantly thrown together and there is not a wise purpose in what is happening. Take even a simple fever. Most of us will let a low grade fever run its course, but if it hits over 100 degrees, we in OUR wisdom try to lower it. Did you know that fevers over 103 pushed or prescribed quote 3degrees kills cancer cells? How many cancer cells did you let live? Even homeopathy is correcting a natural process that maybe the body has under control, except it is the practice of
enhancement. I am not opposed to medicine or homeopathy; but Americans throw pills at runny noses and splinters and never considers blowing their nose or pulling the splinter.

The simple fact is that people require some care. Symptoms are not an enemy to be banished. They are warning lights that we need to adjust our care of ourselves. Are you doing all you know to do? Are you not doing what you know not to do? Has God already given you a solution and you don’t feel like doing it? Isn’t it always trust and obey?


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