Now What?

Testing for the H5N1 bird flu virus

Ebola, influenza, West Nile, hepatitis, rotavirus, pertussis are all scary words…

How important it is in this time to understand what natural options are readily available!  No one wants to be subjected to conventional or controversial medical treatments and infected patients in hospitals.  The only proven system to help eradicate any disease, even Ebola, is your body’s immune system, and it is of primary importance to start strengthening its response now.
The fundamental principle, that all choices should be based upon, is understanding that we are created beings, designed with all wisdom, and not random parts evolved over time.  We live in a sin fallen world, but none of it is a surprise to God – take heart! Just because people do not understand what the body is doing, does not mean that the body is not responding correctly. Often, it is us that misunderstand the process, not a function of randomness.
Traditional medical wisdom believes that man-made remedies, such as pills, potions and lotions, are superior to those designed by God; most pharmaceuticals are inferior imitations of a chemical the body already makes.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the toxic chemicals and preservatives injected into the body along with antigens is not a legitimate way to improve immunity.
So, where do you start?  Work with your body’s built-in defenses. A major way to work with your body’s natural defenses is to give it what it requires in order to function at optimal performance.  A simple place to begin is to focus on foods and herbs that have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.  This is of primary importance, along with improving immune system function and eliminating foods that suppress it.


Incorporate foods and herbs in many different ways in every day meal preparation, including:



Turmeric (curcumin)








This is by no means an exhaustive list.  Supplements can help immensely.  As a bare minimum, vitamins C and D, fish oils or even a decent multivitamin are a good place to start. Exercise is an immune booster and there are extra immune enhancements when you exercise outside, no matter the weather.  Often overlooked is rest. Our body needs sleep to repair itself.  Carelessness with sleep schedules can have rough effects. Sometimes you just must shut down.


Avoid foods and behaviors that suppress the immune system.  The biggest culprits are:

Sugar (especially refined)



Corn, soy, and wheat (gluten)

Hydrogenated foods

Excess animal protein

Excess flour intake

Highly processed foods

Chronic stress

Improve in these areas, and your immune system and energy levels will reciprocate; this helps your body protect itself against Ebola and any other viruses or bacteria that may come our way.



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