Debbie’s March Update

This is all new to me…I never thought I would be TEXTING an article from the road. What is this world coming to?!


Remember young Miriam in the Old Testament? She has a real “princess story” that I think will help us understand better the character trait of boldness!

An Hour’s Drive Away

I recently read a quip someone made about space not being that far away and inaccessible as we think it is. After all, it is only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight up. An hour’s drive is no big deal…many people make that every day to go to work or go to the store. But there is still that all-determining ‘if.’

Jisela’s Spicy Savory Salsa Chicken

One night after coming home from work I was in a hurry to make dinner and couldn’t figure out what to make, being as I’m not in the habit of meal planning (shame on me!). I threw these items together, and Mike enjoyed the dish so much, that I’ve continued to make it. Necessity is the mother of invention? Is that how it goes?


Eight Cousins, written by Louisa M. Alcott, is one of my favorite stories. There are 24 chapters, each several pages long. Its style is enjoyable for the teenager. A young person under the age of 12 might find it a challenge because, I’ll admit, it’s not one of those attractive, easy-read stories that capture your attention entirely by the fifth line. Mom is now reading it aloud to Grace (age10) and she is thoroughly enjoying it.


Never Alone

Motherhood can be a lonely profession at times, can’t it? I was surprised when my first baby was very little how lonely the days became. Sure, it was rewarding and delightful to care for her and interact with her all day. But she napped a lot and doing laundry and changing diapers over and over and over again became monotonous. When we did go out into public, she was the center of attention. People fussed and oohed and aahed over her. When daddy came home from work, he couldn’t wait to bounce her on his knee or fly her around the room. Sometimes Mommy can feel a little alone and dare I said it, forgotten, can’t she?

In the Midst of Doubts and Fears

Darkness and fears over took me. I was overwhelmed and could not look up. The shadows of death surrounded my heart. Wisdom faded from view and I could not trust my own thoughts. Discouragement cut into my heart like a knife and joy escaped me. The terrors of the night seized my heart. I found no peace. My prayers seemed far from me and God was not in all my thoughts. Have these thoughts ever penetrated into your heart? If so, you are not alone in your fears and doubts. There are others that faced the same thoughts.

Kristin’s February Update

And he’s off!! I cannot believe that my baby Luke is walking and running.
It’s always so exciting, yet sad at the same time since he’s growing up SO
FAST! This new milestone and the phenomenon of now having 3 children running
around has ushered in yet another stage of life. I’ll be completely honest
and admit that most of this month, I feel like I’m in survival mode!

For One Step More

Psalm 9:10 – “And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.”

Do You Really Need It?

Contentment. What comes to your mind when you think of someone or something that is content? I think of a fat cat asleep on a sofa, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind! 🙂 Isn’t contentment a hard character trait to cultivate in our materialistic society? Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with commercials, billboards, banner ads on our computers, sale flyers, catalogs, with messages communicating our need to buy more, have more. We couldn’t possibly have a successful or even normal life without the advertised item. To this I say, nonsense! All we need are the basic essentials of life to survive and thrive.

A Note from Juli

At the present, Mum’s off visiting her mother in AZ, leaving me as head hen over the coop. Dad’s done an amazing job of keeping up with the daunting piles of laundry and helping out with Brianna’s innumerable questions. Meanwhile, Dyanna, with the expert help of her friend, Amanda, is just about to wrap up her 2 month-long project of sewing cushion covers for our bus.


Avocados are a wonderful fruit that contain a powerhouse of health. Typically grown in the southern hemisphere, avocados are also grown in California and Florida. The two types of avocados are Haas avocados, which have dark, bumpy skin, and the Fuerte avocado, which is larger and has a smooth green skin. They have a pale, greenish-yellow fruit with a single stone, and a delicious buttery rich taste.


I’ve mentioned before our imaginary little princess living in a beautiful castle with lots of servants to take care of her every need. Her servants, no doubt, display the character trait of attentiveness as they wait on her all day long. But does our little princess have this same quality? Do you?

A Love Story

Just a poor, beggar girl I am, deserving of nothing. He is so great and so far above me, like a Grand Prince over all – fine, educated, rich, handsome, kind. So far above me – wretched, dirty, stubborn, ugly, stupid me. “What about your self-image?” you might say. And this is my self-image – that I am a dog, that I am a sinner, and that I was incurable.

True Beauty

Susan Boyle was a simple, middle-aged woman from Scotland who didn’t seem to amount to much. She was disliked by most and even given the nickname “Susie Simple” in grade school. But her love for music was a growing passion for her. She decided to take a shot at winning $200,000 on the hit show Britain’s Got Talent.

Things Happen

Things happen that I would not approve of for my life. If I was walking through a store of “Choices for Rachel’s Life,” I would not take those things off the shelf to put into my cart. I would leave them there! No, surely it is better to leave them there.


Organic Labeling

Organic items are hugely popular in stores right now and product lines are continuing to expand and grow. Big companies want to get in on the money-making band wagon that the organic craze has produced. But what exactly does “organic” mean and is it truly better than non-organic?


Orderliness is something that we hear much about this time of the year! Perhaps you have heard your mother talking about reorganizing something or getting the house in shape now that Christmas is over. January is a great time for fresh starts; and developing the character quality of orderliness would be a great goal for a young girl!

One Precious Day

I may never see tomorrow;

There’s no written guarantee,

And things that happened yesterday

Belong to history.


As an encouragement to youth, Andrew Carnegie once said, “Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!” On this early morning, I encourage you, dear reader in the summer, fall or winter of your life: “Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled victory. A whole, clear, glorious, new day lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!”