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(Emily Roy, age 17, will contribute to this month’s c olumn with her recommendations for some  appropriate reading. Hope you enjoy it! See last month’s here.)

A Peep Behind the Scenes by O.F. Walton

To the residents of England’s countryside, the fairgrounds had a singular attraction, and the caravans were watched for with expectancy. Many a young person sighed with envy as they observed their apparent carefree and happy lifestyle. The actors led a life of never-ending parties! I can see it all now, the gilded cars, stately horses and riders, and the awe-struck crowd.

Rosalie, the “little actor”, and the main character of the book, was a pretty child. Her father ran a theater and to make good profits was his goal in life.

A Peep Behind the Scenes, by O. F. Walton, is about Rosalie’s search for the Saviour. For, despite what visitors might think, Rosalie is not in an easy family situation. Her father’s greed and cold-heartedness keeps Rosalie in rags. Her mother is dying and will soon leave this world; and the wagon boy, kindhearted Toby, gives more consideration to Rosalie’s mother than to her father!

Rosalie’s miserable life got a glimpse of sunshine as she first heard of Jesus Christ, “The Good Shepherd.” One rainy day, a servant of the Lord gave little Rosalie a pretty picture card with the text, “Rejoice with me for I have found my sheep which was lost,” little guessing how far his act of compassion would go.

You see there was something more behind the painted caravan, the quaint little windows, pink curtains, and the lovely little face. There was a hungry little soul who led a weary life.

To everyone that saw her, Rosalie was the picture of a happy child who never knew a worry! But Rosalieprobably wondered if there was anyone who really cared about her and her mother. The text sparked hopeful curiosity, she began to have questions: Was she the lost lamb? Was Jesus looking for her?

Girls 4th grade and above will especially enjoy this engaging tale as they follow Rosalie’s soul winning efforts through the pages of this book. Her faith and confidence in God’s Word brings her safely through many fears and heartaches. We can always trust the Good Shepherd!


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