An Hour’s Drive Away

By Rachel Hammett

I recently read a quip someone made about space not being that far away and inaccessible as we think it is. After all, it is only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight up. An hour’s drive is no big deal…many people make that every day to go to work or go to the store. But there is still that all-determining ‘if.’

The fact is that cars can’t drive straight up, therefore making what really isn’t all that far away, so completely inaccessible for the average person. To go into space, you need power behind you. You need a greater force than just a car. (You also need some sort of protective gear, oxygen supply, and plan for coming back down…but that is beside the point and not part of this article!)

God’s presence really isn’t that far away. His ear is ready to hear my prayer, if I am willing to offer it up in a way that is pleasing to Him. And there is that ‘if.’ I need a power greater than me behind my prayers if I am going to experience God’s presence and blessing in my life. God doesn’t listen to me because of who I am; He listens to me because of who I am in Christ. That all-determining ‘if.’

If you had the opportunity to go into outer space, if that ‘if’ was made a possibility for you, would you do it? Would you take advantage of that? Maybe you would and maybe you wouldn’t. More importantly, if you had the opportunity to go into the presence of God and have His complete attention, would you do it? Because the truth is that you do have that opportunity – every day! We have a moment-by-moment opportunity to be ushered right before His throne and offer up our requests and our praise. Will you take advantage of this opportunity? It all starts with that ‘if.’


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