I’m sooo tired

How often do we hear this? How often do we say it? I remember being dead tired as a teen. Also, there is the extreme tiredness a new mommy feels from night after night of interrupted sleep. Sometimes, insomnia can make day drag in a foggy state. Then there are the times, we do it ourselves, knowing we are burning both ends of the candle, but pushing our bodies beyond the limits of matter. Fatigue has been linked to anger, irrational thoughts, poor decision making, hormone imbalance, (including leptin, which tells your body it is time to Stop eating), depression and anxiety. Not to mention its link with 56,000 car crashes every year with 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths.


You’re All Wet

Water. Most of our body and the earth is made up of it. Water is basic to life. In geometry proofs, it’s a given. The Lord uses our daily need of it to pattern our spiritual daily need. Although the spiritual applications are many, our physical intake of water is one of the best habits you can add to your lifestyle.

Heavenly Sunlight

Remember sun worshipers? Not literal worshiping of the sun, but people who were just too tan. It was always a dream of mine, as a pale gal, to have that bronzed look. Next, skin cancer scares really kept all of us out of the sun and indoors. What is the truth about sun exposure? How much is too much? As a doctor, I get this question often and with all this heat, it has been on my mind.

The Flip Side of Calcium’s Coin

Remember growing up being told to drink your milk for strong bones? Now a days, we all are concerned about taking our calcium to prevent osteoporosis. The government even raised the RDA for calcium from 500mg to 1,000mg per day. You would think that our bones would be rock solid and no longer an issue to contend with in America. What if I told you, as a rule, our calcium intake is sufficient?


An Oldie, but a Goodie!

What do you do when you are hit with a virus, a cold, or any other – itis? Well, most people head to the drug store for a box of pills: Sudafed, aspirin and other decongestants. While others put there stock in more traditional herbal remedies. They can be very effective, if given early. All these may have a place in the average medicine cabinet provided it’s not too serious. But perhaps you should consider a more natural effective option. One that will boost your immunity, even when you feel good. I’m referring to Vitamin C.