Always & Never

Words of wisdom written from eleven different mothers to a new mom.


Drama Queens

See what the Bible says about being a Drama Queen and the way to P.E.A.C.E.


Sideways Glances

As girls, we can have a preoccupation with mirrors. Well, really it goes deeper than that.


The Greatest of These

“Who can find a virtuous woman?” A woman who knows her worth, is pure in body and spirit, she is full of strength and honor. She takes her role as a woman, as a wife and even as a mother very seriously. She is known, honored, respected, and praised by many. Certainly she is rare and a picture of beauty and Christ-like perfection.


“Will you Accept the Challenge?”

by Jackie Gable

The close of 2013 is just around the corner. A new year is upon us. Will you take the challenge to forsake gossip and slander? Gossip destroys others but it destroys you more. It turns your heart from God to the lust of your flesh and pride. Will you deny your flesh and purpose to grow in grace in 2014?


The Respectable Rebel

I am saying it is sinful for a Christian to choose his own way and not live by faith and seek God’s will for his life. C. Austin Miles put it this way: “Not what I wish to be, nor where I wish to go, for who am I that I should choose my way? The Lord shall choose for me, ‘tis better far, I know. So let Him bid me go, or stay.”


Why All the Fuss?

If most Christian young people were to ask themselves if they were living a separate-from-the-world kind of life, they’d say ‘yes.’ That is, if they’re parents stay on them and make sure they’re wearing the right clothes and not hanging out with the bad kids.

Summer of Servitude

One definition of a blessing is giving people something for which they can feel thankful, something that makes them feel secure, supported, content, or encouraged.


5 Things Every Girl Should Strive to Be

“…he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.” -Proverbs 15:15b
Life is full of ups and downs. It can be unpredictable at times and even feel like things are out of control. It is at those times we must exercise the joy of the Lord. So, what is the joy of the Lord? It is being thankful and content is the circumstances of life.

So What Makes the Difference?

Think of someone you know who grew up in a Christian home then once they turned 18 headed deep into the world. I personally have known several people, both guys and girls, who have done just that – they grew up hearing the same Biblical principles, memorizing the same Bible verses, and often had godly parents who were actively involved in the church. Why, then, at the first chance do they choose everything opposite of what they have been taught?

When Waiting Equals Rebellion

I read a story of a man who had been convicted of murder and was sentenced to the electric chair. The day of his execution, the warden came by the prisoner’s cell and said, “You can have anything you want for your last meal.” The prisoner replied, “I want asparagus.” The warden says, “Asparagus won’t be in season for three more months.” The prisoner replied, “I’ll wait.”

Misunderstood Hypocrisy

One of the biggest misconceptions amongst Christian teenagers (or those simply raised in a Christian home) is about hypocrisy. Teenagers love to accuse their friends, enemies, authority figures, and everyone else for that matter of being a bunch of hypocrites. This idea of hypocrisy has a tendency to cause great confusion in the minds of teenagers. Most of the time, the word and Biblical definition are sorely misunderstood. I hope I can clearly explain things and not cause more confusion.

A Lesson in Prudence

They lived happily together in their beautiful new home. It was the perfect love story – for a while. Until the day when everything went wrong.


The Lost Art of Discernment

My little boy just turned eight months old and everyday he becomes more aware of his surroundings. His eyes and ears are constantly perking up with interest. Soon he’ll be able to identify shapes, colors and animal names and sounds. Unfortunately, I can’t just download all that information into his head, but rather he must learn it…a process which takes time and practice.



She was young, full of anticipation, and overflowing with dreams of the future. She had high energy, optimism, goals and dreams.

Rhoda was a young believer mentioned in Acts who attended a prayer meeting held at Mary’s house for the imprisoned Peter. Now in Rhoda’s day Christians feared death or imprisonment by the Romans. Perhaps it was her youthful ignorance that kept her in the house praying instead of at home where it was safe. Nonetheless, she demonstrated faith in God despite the potential danger.