An Artist’s Look at Meditation

mandynmaddy22 of Instagram likes the hashtag #shereadtruth

*Translation (for those of us who have no idea what “Instagram” and “hashtags” are):

AmandaAmanda is a skilled artist who has taken on a unique Bible-reading challenge. She’s joined the possibly hundreds of women in an effort to read the Word of God every day with the added challenge of “visualizing” it (posting a picture on social media). These pictures can include anything that indicates you have read your Bible that day…such as your Bible next to your morning cup of coffee, or a beautiful landscape with your Bible on your lap in the foreground.

Amanda chose a creative twist to keep herself accountable – something we may call “Scripture Art.” After reading a passage of Scripture she then highlights a verse by doodling it, choosing various colors and fonts. This is an ideal way of meditating on Scripture! Even for those of us who aren’t so artistic, doodling verses may just help keep our hearts and minds stayed on the Lord and His sweet promises.

The website is and you can join a group of women in reading various portions of Scripture and finding creative ways to capture it. This works with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag #shereadstruth and also has smart phone apps available.
Below are Amanda’s doodles from her Instagram account “mandynmaddy22.” Used with her blessing 🙂
Amanda6 Amanda5 Amanda4 Amanda3 Amanda2 amanda1



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