Let it Be, Think on Me

In John chapter 5, we read of another miracle of Jesus Christ. The setting was the pool of Bethesda, a place of miracles as an angel came at a certain season to trouble the water which would heal the person who first jumped into the pool. As one could imagine, the area was always crowded with all sorts of infirm folks, waiting for that troubling of the water. Jesus came by one day and in His infinite wisdom and knowledge of all hearts, spoke to one man in particular.

Is It Well With Your Soul?

My soul is in search of rest; and I am aware of a desperate longing and frantic searching for that rest. Offers abound within a single thought’s grasp, within the glance of an eye, or perchance a seemingly harmless diversion, but none, yea none, can soothe the anxious wrestlings of my eternal soul. Praise the Lord it has known rest. It has been enveloped in its comforting assurance. And though it is foolishly drawn away, it yearns for a return.


In His Name

You may wonder why a Christian has a heart of love;

And why, when giving time to others, they thank God above?


Help! My husband is in the ministry! What am I supposed to do?

I have been asked that question several times over the years. Many women do not know what is even expected of them if their husband is in full-time Christian service. The wife is often told that she has the potential to make or break her husband’s ministry, but there is no formal training for her as a pastor’s wife. A pastor will go to school for 3 or 4 years, and some even longer, but many pastor’s wives have not even had the chance to finish college. Very few have any Bible training at all.


The Power of a Promise

“But he promised,” she whispered. “I know he’s going to come.”

There are few things as sweet as a little girl’s trust in her loving father. When she has a daddy who has cared for her and is extra careful to always tell the truth and always keep his promises, in her mind, there is nothing her daddy cannot do. She doesn’t understand that even fathers have limitations. He might make a promise, and circumstances out of his control would prevent him from keeping that promise, no matter how he tried. That is the limitation of being only human.

It Is All A Gift

I want to know this God who loves me so;
Who has done so much for me;
Who, for me, gave of His precious Son.
I want to know this God who is pleased to dwell
with the humble, contrite and seeking soul.

In All The World

When I am weak, my spirit seeks for strength to stand.

I cry for help, but keep on failing in my plan.


Called By God?

There is a question that has been debated for years in theological circles. That is the question of whether the minister’s wife should feel a divine call from God. On one side you have those who say that unless the wife receives a special call from God, she will never be able to stand up under the stresses and strains of the ministry. Others say that if a woman is being led of the Lord to marry a minister, and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices cheerfully, and take on the many extra burdens of being married to a minister for the Lord’s sake, then she can consider that a leading into the Lord’s work.

Waiting for Life to Start

Have you ever felt like some looming circumstance was preventing you from doing what God wanted you to do? Have you ever felt second-rate, just because you didn’t have a marital status? Have you ever wondered how you can be an influence when you don’t have a child? Have you ever felt you couldn’t be a witness when you don’t have a secular workplace?

Sow Good Seed

Good seed being sown produces a blessed harvest. In fact, all seed sown produces a harvest of one kind or another: blessing or cursing. Mother, you are sowing seed all the time. With your words, looks, body language, actions, and choice, you are sowing seed.

The Price of Freedom

The air was hot and humid, or sometimes very cold,
But the soldiers never hesitate to do as they are told;
They valiantly follow their leader, ready to give their all,
And they never hesitate though many soon will fall.


Just Be You!

What does a “minister’s wife” look like? Well, they come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. Some are tall, some are short, some are skinny, and some are more round. They also come in all varieties. Some are outgoing and boisterous, others are more reserved. Some are the life of the party, but others enjoy being more in the background. Some are out front leading the troops in the charge, while others work behind the scenes. Some like to wear their hair long; others prefer a more short variety. Some like to wear classy clothes; others tend to like the country look.

The Planting Season

What is it that you possess? Valuable to you is your time. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Doth thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” Each day is filled with moments that we can use for His glory and honor. Our every service can be devoted to Him and done as for Him. If we don’t waste our time plodding through our daily tasks, then we will have time “left over” to do that which God has equipped us to do, thereby being a blessing to others.

Our Steps Are Permanent

Our steps are permanent.

Our actions cannot be undone.

They’re stamped in time’s concrete;

Sealed with evening’s setting sun.


Heart to Heart – A New Column For Women in Ministry

Way back in September, when all the writers for the Grace and Honor met together, one of the topics of discussion was about new columns that we could start to make our publication more interesting and to appeal to more ladies. One that was suggested was a column for preacher and missionary wives, discussing different elements of life in the ministry. Our fearless editor laughingly remarked that I would be a good candidate to author that column, considering I was the oldest in the group and had the most experience in this area.


“All I want is to feel safe and secure.”

Have you ever heard that before? Have you ever said that before? We value our security; as Americans we pride ourselves in it. Security can be found in independence (I can meet all my own needs) and it is also found in dependence (I will trust this person to meet all my needs). I think, as women in particular, we value our security in life (knowing that everything is going to work out okay in the end). But what exactly is security and how does it relate to my relationship with God?

Desperately Dependent

Desperate and dependent. Naturally, I strive for independence: “I can do this, and I will do it my way.” Christian, beware: To be dependent is contrary to my natural being; to be independent is to be contrary to my God.


The Only Difference

I had an appointment with death,

And without my permission, we met.


Magnify the Lord

Do you have a favorite verse that depicts the Christmas season? I have one verse that has been coming to mind as we’ve been preparing for this December. It’s not very typically quoted as a Christmas verse, but it was the one that the Lord has been bringing back to my mind. Perhaps a deeper study would be in order!

Whom Seek Ye?

Whom seek ye? Jesus of Nazareth? The power found in that name alone knocked the soldiers off their feet that night. Whom do you seek? Do you seek this same Jesus? What is your intention once you find Him? Are you going to bind Him with chains and crucify Him yet again? Or are you going to usher Him forth to His rightful throne cleft within your heart? Will you allow Him the title and reign of Lord, or will you have Him waiting near only to call upon in times of need? Does the power of His name still take your breath away and cause you to press your face to the dirt?