Close to Thee

Often we hear the excuses – lies really, shrouded in a cloak of assumed innocence. “If only I could know God’s will.” “I just don’t know what to do in this situation.”

The truth is that God will be as near and as close as you allow Him to be.

So Shall We Ever

A simple phrase, no long words and easy to understand on the surface. But a complex phrase, full of deep meaning with incomprehensible truth.

My Heart in His Hands

Ann Judson. Ever since I read a biography about her in high school, she has been my hero. The more I read about her and study her life, the more I like her! Her life wasn’t easy – not by any stretch – but she loved God, loved her husband, and did what was right.

Learning from the Past

With a quick look around and a sharp intake of breath, Joan slipped into the shadows of the passageway and bent over. Pulling up the hem of her skirt, she loosened the bounds of a cord tied around her ankle. With one swift motion, she picked up the little parcel that had fallen and straightened, flashing a smile around in case anyone caught sight of her strange action.

An Hour’s Drive Away

I recently read a quip someone made about space not being that far away and inaccessible as we think it is. After all, it is only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight up. An hour’s drive is no big deal…many people make that every day to go to work or go to the store. But there is still that all-determining ‘if.’

A Love Story

Just a poor, beggar girl I am, deserving of nothing. He is so great and so far above me, like a Grand Prince over all – fine, educated, rich, handsome, kind. So far above me – wretched, dirty, stubborn, ugly, stupid me. “What about your self-image?” you might say. And this is my self-image – that I am a dog, that I am a sinner, and that I was incurable.

Things Happen

Things happen that I would not approve of for my life. If I was walking through a store of “Choices for Rachel’s Life,” I would not take those things off the shelf to put into my cart. I would leave them there! No, surely it is better to leave them there.