A Love Story

By Rachel Hammett

Just a poor, beggar girl I am, deserving of nothing. He is so great and so far above me, like a Grand Prince over all – fine, educated, rich, handsome, kind. So far above me – wretched, dirty, stubborn, ugly, stupid me. “What about your self-image?” you might say. And this is my self-image – that I am a dog, that I am a sinner, and that I was incurable.

It’s the ultimate love story because he reached down for me. Here is how it all came about, and then you will see what I mean.

I cried out for his pity, not his love, but still I know the only reason I was compelled to cry out was because he first caught my gaze, with his eyes burning into my very soul. I was vile and would have never dared to try, except his look gave me hope.

“Crumbs, my lord! I only ask for crumbs!” I cried out in such fear, for crumbs were too much for me. I deserved nothing at the least, cruel punishment at the fairest, and crumbs from his table were certainly far too good for me.

He didn’t give me the crumbs I asked for. He gave me so much more. He loved me, and it seems he was waiting the whole time for me to cry out, just so he could do something to help.

He picked me up from my slump on the ground, brought me home, washed me, and clothed me with robes – robes of righteousness which are his own. He took away my filthy rags, which though a grossly unfair exchange, he was rejoicing to do.

I sit right up at the table with the rest of the family, faring on delights innumerous. The family is like me – all loved by him and brought here without their own merit. A motly crew we may seem, but one thing can be said – we love him dearly.

“A princess!” you may say when you see me – a yes, I am. The daughter of this King, all glorious within, beloved and cherished.

But what you see is all because of him. I am simply a testament to his grace. Anything noteworthy you see of me is evidence that he has changed me. I am the receiver of his goodness, transformed by his power, washed in his blood – all because I asked him for crumbs, and gained his love.


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