Lessons from a Crazy Bird!

Our house here in South Africa is surrounded by trees—big trees, tall trees, trees with lots of shade. Since we have lots of trees, we also have an abundance of …

How to Help Your Children

If you and your husband are in full-time Christian service, here are some things that you can do to help your children overcome some of the challenges that they will face, simply because they are part of your family.

Thoughts on Moving, Turning 60, and Various Other Things

As I looked back over my life, I am overwhelmed at how wonderful the Lord has been to me. I am thankful to the Lord for every year of my life. I am thankful for my salvation and for the opportunity to serve the Lord with my life…

Children and the Ministry

It is very sad to see the many young adults that have grown up in a preacher’s home who are now out of church and no longer even claiming salvation. It is not a small issue and one that needs to be investigated. What is causing this problem?


But I Am Here, So I Cannot Be There

Sometimes people ask me, “What is it like to be a missionary? What changes have come about in your life?” Well, let me just say that it has involved many …

Handling Difficult People

Many a pastor and his wife have discovered that some of their greatest burdens in the ministry come not from great outward persecutions, but from the little frustrations that make up their everyday life. A lot of these come from immature Christians that we must work with. Few are called on to endure physical torture—in the stocks, in prison, stoning, being thrown to the lions. Those things are not commonplace in our day, at least not here in America. But all of us will have daily trials that might be likened to the nibbling of the little foxes on the grapes. You need to be prepared for this type of persecution—it is subtle but insidious in its discouraging effects on your ministry. How do you handle difficult people


Streams in the Desert – Beverly Hammett

What an interesting two months it has been! The month of October was filled with visitors. We began the month by welcoming our oldest son and his family to Africa and celebrating a few days together in South Africa. Then we had the privilege of having Connie and Kristen Nadaskay with us for a week. About the middle of the month our oldest son and his family came here to visit with us and the Castners, so we had a fun time enjoying the grandkids and spending time together. It was sad to say goodbye to them and send them back to America, but we are so thankful to our home church for letting them come to visit.


Special Temptations

Those who enter the full-time ministry will find that they are certainly not immune to temptations. Sadly enough, we sometimes hear of pastors and Christian leaders whose ministries and testimonies have been ruined by their falling into sins of immorality, dishonesty, etc. We are grieved and ask ourselves, “How could that happen? How do people who love the Lord and know His Word and who have been so greatly used of God—how do they fall into such terrible sin?”


Streams in the Desert – Beverly Hammett

Greetings from Botswana! I can’t believe that it is October already. Our weather is being extremely crazy right now. This past week it was over 100 every day. Then last night the temperature dropped and tonight we have rain and down in the 40’s.

Godly Characteristics

There are certain characteristics that every Christian lady should have. This is especially true if your husband is in full-time Christian service. Since you are “on staff” or in a place of leadership, others will be looking to you for a Godly example.


Beverly Hammett – Streams in the Desert

Hope you are enjoying what is left of your summer there. Here we are enjoying moderating temperatures, sunny skies, and no humidity. The downside is that it is very, very dry and dusty.


Beverly Hammett – Streams in the Desert

Greetings from Botswana, the land of beautiful blue skies! As I sit at my computer writing this letter to you, the sliding glass door is open, the sun is shining, and the breeze is blowing gently.


How to Make the Ministry Enjoyable

Many wives whose husbands are in the ministry have developed a habit of complaining. When you listen to them talk, they can only complain about all that is wrong. If you listen to them very long, it can be very depressing.

Beverly Hammett – Streams in the Desert

Greetings from sunny and hot Botswana! You would think that temperatures would be cooling down a bit, since we are now officially in the Fall season. But the last time I looked, it was over 90 degrees outside today. We did have some cooler weather last week, which was very enjoyable, but which also caused problems all its own (more about that in a minute).

Stand By Your Man, Part Five

We have been looking the past several months at different ways that a wife can stand by her husband and help him to succeed in the ministry. Remember, these principles apply not only to those in the ministry, but to any man whatever his occupation. As a wife, you are to be your husband’s cheerleader, his chief supporter, and his encourager.


Beverly Hammett – Streams in the Desert

The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity, especially the month of November. My husband visited a new village and started Bible studies there once a week. It was exciting to see the eagerness of the people in wanting the study the Bible. Hopefully that interest will translate to a seeking of God and His truth and not just an interest in what the white man is doing, or wanting money from him.

Stand By Your Man, Part Four

We are going to continue this month looking at some ways that you as a wife can help to make your husband to succeed in the ministry. We have mentioned several in the past issues: please him, don’t possess him, praise him, and protect him.

Beverly Hammett – Streams in the Desert

Dear Ladies,

I have learned many new things in the last two months—some willingly and some by default. Here is a run-down of some of those things.

Stand By Your Man, Part Three

In the last two issues we have looked at three different ways that a wife can help her husband to succeed. She should seek to please him, putting his needs before her own. She should not possess him—but allow him to pursue the path that God has laid out for him. And she needs to praise him, letting him know that she is his biggest fan and she has confidence in him. Let me say again that these things apply to anyone—not just a wife whose husband is in full time Christian service. This month we want to look at another way a wife can “stand by her man” and help her husband to succeed, no matter what occupation he may be in.