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Beverly Hammett

Dear Ladies,

Greetings from Botswana! I can’t believe that it is October already. Our weather is being extremely crazy right now. This past week it was over 100 every day. Then last night the temperature dropped and tonight we have rain and down in the 40’s. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 60’s. I guess we will just blame it on global warming! We are thankful for the rain and hope we will see a lot more in the next few months. There is an old tradition here that says if it starts raining before September 30th, it means we will get much rain that year. We shall see if it holds true this year or not.

The last two weeks we have had 3 guys here from America to help with an evangelistic outreach. So I have been busy cooking meals, cleaning, plus keeping the literature printed so they would have something to give out! Some of our people have translated their testimony tracts into Setswana, so I had fun getting those typed up and printed. Typing in another language is always tedious, especially when the auto correct in Microsoft Word keeps changing the words you type! I finally figured out how to turn it off!

Each day the guys went down to the taxi rank, where all the buses and kombies come and go to all the villages around here. They handed out lots of literature and got to talk to many people. Over 300 people signed up for our Bible correspondence study. Now the work begins as we follow up with all these new contacts.

Two ladies I have been doing personal Bible studies with were saved this past month. It is always a joy to be able to share the Word of God with someone and see them accept it and understand it, and be saved. Please pray for these two ladies that they will see the need to leave the “church” they have been attending and join with us. That is a hard step for a lot of people here.

Love to all, Beverly Hammett


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  1. I realize this is very belated, but what a joy to hear of the salvation of these ladies!! I love reading your updates! Love, Abbi

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