The Challenge to Change

We’ve all heard the taglines: “30 days to a better marriage!”, “Try this diet for two weeks and reset your body completely”, or “90 days to reorganize your life!” We won’t debate whether or not these promises actually come through for the consumer, rather I want to submit to you a plan for change that takes commitment for 7 days. But first, a case study.

The Case Study:

Several weeks ago, my husband Jonathan, my sister Kristen, and I were in conversation about witnessing. Out of the blue, my husband suggested that the three of us partake in a week- long challenge to witness every day—not just hand out a tract but truly seek a spiritual conversation every single day. That week blew UP my witnessing life. Instead of wondering whether or not God had “ordained” for me to talk with a person, instead of thinking I was too busy or work was too pressing, instead of shying away in fear, I HAD to take each and every THREAD of opportunity because that could be the VERY spiritual conversation God provided in answer to my prayer. By the time the week was up, all three of us had a conversation every day (except one person, one day) in answer to our prayers!! And although we didn’t extend the challenge (the purpose had been fulfilled), I longed to keep the momentum rolling!

Then, the next week I was talking with a friend about this very challenge only to find out she needed a little rehabbing done to her prayer life. By the end of our conversation, she was committed to praying five minutes every day for one week. That’s totally doable! After the week, she too was excited and wanted to keep the momentum rolling in her prayer life!

Hmm...there’s a pattern here. Committing every day for a week to whatever thing it is God is speaking to you about, the one thing holding you back from complete fellowship with Him or from moving forward in spiritual maturity. Now THAT is a commitment worth making!

I will leave you with a suggested challenge, one that I tried and from which I saw a good outcome. The outcome may not be earth-shattering or it might! The key is to pray in faith and trust God that He has answered. Then, step forward acting on that belief and watch Him work!


The Challenge:

Think about a name of God every day this week.

It can be the same name every day or a new one. Set yourself a reminder. What works for me is a daily cell phone alert with a few words about my current commitment. If you don’t enjoy techy interfaces, use a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, a 3x5 card above your kitchen sink, or a string on your finger. Spend a moment thinking about that name of God and its ramifications in the world at large and your life personally, thank Him for that attribute, then move on with your day. Just see if God doesn’t use that activity to change you! I KNOW He will because this is how we learn to see the invisible God in our lives every day!!

Some names of God to consider:

  • Jehovah-Sabaoth

    -the LORD of hosts
    -speaks of His governing the hosts of heaven, the earth, and mankind
    -includes warfare and service

  • Jehovah-Shalom

    -the LORD our peace

  • Jehovah-M’Kaddesh

    -the LORD doth sanctify

  • Jehovah-Nissi

    the LORD our banner

If you do take the challenge, please comment below what God has done for you after the week is up! You will not only give cause to praise our God, but also encourage other ladies to take up the challenge! Then feel free to apply the week-long challenge to the next area God would have you undertake.


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