God Wrote My Love Story

At the request of Grace and Honor, I would ask to share with you my story...

The story begins in late 2016 when Jonathan Snow showed up at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church (LVBC.) He had recently been saved and had asked God to lead Him to a good church. Very quickly, he realized the first church he attended was actually were God wanted him to stay— LVBC. His focus was to grow, and he purposed in his heart before God to keep his eyes on the Lord, not on the young ladies his age. 🙂

As Jonathan grew, first one mentor, then a couple who were counseling him offered to pray for him about marriage. The couple actually reached out to help him understand more about God's plan for marriage. After doing a personal Bible study about what God has to say about marriage, Jonathan started to formulate a picture of what God wanted for him in a wife. As time went on, he sought counsel and prayed, over time seeing God pointing him to me. (He sought the help of the couple to give him some suggestions for some ladies who fit the list of qualities he had derived.)

After final confirmation by examining his process of seeking God's will, Jonathan was sure that God wanted me to be his wife. The next step was getting to know my dad. Jonathan reached out to my dad, and over the next weeks and months they talked a lot on the phone and some in person. Ultimately, my dad requested to put the idea on hold, not having peace about the timing.

Meanwhile, I had no idea all this was happening. Yet, I believe God put it on my heart to pray for Jonathan. (He used my sister to challenge me about putting prayers to my thoughts.) Over time, I prayed specifically that God would reveal His will to me about Jonathan. I didn't know if the thoughts I was having were simply emotional or really of Him. He again used my sister to challenge me, and I brought the idea to my parents, all the while feeling a bit foolish. They didn't let on, but as soon as they heard the name "Jonathan Snow", they knew it was time to move forward.


Shortly thereafter, my parents convinced me to fly out to visit them. Over coffee, they revealed to me Jonathan's interest. I was floored--what a clear answer to my prayer! As I had already been praying, I was ready to proceed to the next stage of getting to know him, seeking all the while to discern if this was God's will. My parents came for a quick visit so the four of us could sit down and discuss the next step.

Jonathan and I would email for five weeks to get to know each other on a very deep level while not spending intentional time together in person. This was to keep out the emotions as much as possible as we sought (or rather, I sought—Jonathan was already sure) what was God’s will.

Very quickly, much less than five weeks’ time, I knew it was God’s will for me to marry Jonathan. He had worked in my life just in the way I anticipated by bringing together the minds of my parents and pastor, with the added grace of putting a man on my heart to pray about and answering that prayer so directly.

As the end of the five weeks neared, plans took shape for both our families to fly in to make an announcement to our church family about our plans to be married, essentially that we were betrothing ourselves to each other. (“Betrothal” is another word for “espousal”, similar to the espousal of Joseph to Mary in the New Testament. It is a commitment between a couple that, barring any unfaithfulness on either side, they will be getting married. Often it is done at a different time than engagement but it is not much different than being engaged. Sometimes couples choose to be betrothed and then at a later period the man officially proposes and gives the lady a ring.)

Little did I know what that weekend would bring! Friday, March 16, my family was gathered for lunch with plans to meet Jonathan and his mom that night for dinner. I was excited!! We had not yet allowed ourselves to spend time together as our five weeks of correspondence had just ended. We both knew, however, that the other one was committed. After lunch, my family “spontaneously” decided to go for a walk at a nearby nature preserve, a place predetermined by Jonathan. We walked to a scenic overlook while, unbeknownst to me, he and his mom were sneaking up behind us. Huddled between my dad and sister, I was prevented from turning around by them and did not understand why we were still standing in the freezing cold wind.

A voice behind commented on the wind, and I turned to see what other people had also braved the elements. As my eyes took in Jonathan, then his mom, then Jonathan again, it slowly dawned on me what was happening. He spoke some words he had prepared, then got down on one knee and took my hand in his. In a moment that changed my life, Jonathan Snow asked me to marry him. When I said yes, he put on my finger a ring that symbolized his love and our commitment. And thus a new and exciting adventure began!


I cannot recommend enough the practice of following God’s principles for finding a spouse. When I agreed to marry Jonathan, I knew it was God’s will and I knew his Godly character, but I could not have imagined just how well we were made for each other! God knew but He did not reveal it all at once. Some of it came out during our email conversations, but a some of it has evidenced as we have learned more about each other and grown together in recent weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed our story! We are very excited for the future God has given us. It looks very different than the future I had planned, having been accepted to medical school with the idea of being a surgeon. I am so glad my Father has led me all the way and is continuing to lead me and my future husband as we submit to Him!


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Comments 7

  1. Laura,
    I Love this story!!
    Thank you for publishing it. 🙂
    Praise the Lord for His guiding hand and His amazing goodness to you & Jonathan.
    It’s so exciting to see God’s blessings upon those who choose to follow Him.
    Praying for you as you continue to seek the Lord in all the days and events to follow.

  2. Such a wonderful Love Story !! God is good and he knows who is perfect mate for us, when we depend on Him. I could recollect my story..how God brought me  and David together through our Pastors.  Very happy for you and Jonathan. Can’t wait for your wedding 🙂

  3. Thrilled for you both, Laura, and have greatly enjoyed reading God’s love story that He wrote especially for you and Jonathan. God’s way is always, always best!

  4. Always remember. Don’t give up on your dreams. I hope he’s a supportive husband who will be okay with you continuing your awesome career if you want that.

    I do take issue with part of the story. He was interested in you without truly getting to know you, though? Was this infatuation based on physical appearance? How well did y’all know each other? What if he had done all that work and you decided you didn’t like him? What if he isn’t what you think? Lots of red flags here.

  5. Beautiful Laura! You are a blessing to all of us who have the privilege to know you! I’m praying for you and Jonathan daily. Xo

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