It’s Catch-Up-Time Again!

For 6 weeks of November and December we traveled to some of our supporting churches as well as a couple short visits with family before settling in at LVBC in January. Jerry’s dad went to be with the Lord on December 22nd. Though we miss Dad, we are grateful for the testimony of faith and faithfulness he had. Jerry and I took a survey trip to Australia in February, which is a story in itself. The month of March began furlough in earnest. We trust to finish our travels around the first part of August.

Some of the blessings for which I am grateful, though in no particular order of importance, are…

• the same bed and pillows upon which to rest each night
• the same table at which to have my devotions in the morning
• the coffee-maker Julianna contributed to our travels (and the cup of coffee)
• the variety of beauty and uniqueness we view from state to state
• the fowl, flora, fauna

• opportunities to visit our families, including both mothers, all our siblings, several aunts, uncles, and cousins
• busy times as well as quietude
• the pertinence, timeliness, and application of God’s precious Word each day
• our family devotions led by my dear hubby in the mornings
• our family reading times at night before praying and “hitting the hay”
• faithful supporting churches
• special outings, treats, but NOT White Castle!!
• safety in travel
• the variety of messages by both Jerry and other preachers
• the end of school for the year
• FaceTime, phone calls, Skype, texting with our mothers, our siblings, and those delightful, endearing grandchildren
• a camera that makes great memories (and even takes a few great pictures!) — thanks to LVBC “welcome home” gift!
• candles and room spray that make trailer-living enjoyable and not just bearable
• special get-togethers with other missionaries/preachers, whether planned or spontaneous

As always, so much more could be written regarding all that has happened and in praise to the Lord for what He is doing in our lives.

Rejoicing in the Lord,



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