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Jerry had suggested I write about “How my husband treats me when the Royals win…” Maybe I’ll wait to see the outcome of the World Series before I take his challenge. Perhaps it’ll be the springboard for my next article. (smile)

Seriously, our church study on the Great “Go-mission” Commission has me contemplating. “In the process of going it’s amazing who we meet,” recently commented my dear husband.

At the expense of perhaps being misunderstood by some to be boasting, I have chosen to follow a friend’s advice to write about some witnessing opportunities of the past week. Come with me to meet a few people.

Personally, I am not a fan of dentists, even though I may like them as ordinary persons. Please don’t take offense if that is your profession–or your relative’s or friend’s! I don’t think it would matter WHO the dentist was! But going to the dental office is an occasional (often more times than I wish) necessity of life (and breath!). Maybe it’s the chair…The process Quote2

Since it was obviously the Lord’s will that I be seated in that chair, I figured He must have a reason for it. I look at it as a possibility to meet someone I may not meet anywhere else. I often wonder, though, how He is going to give me occasion to say a word for Christ with all those instruments and fingers in my mouth, or how to utter a word properly with half my mouth drooping from Novocain!

As I rested in the comfort of that chair the youthful dental assistant patiently answered my conversational questions. “How long did you have to school for this?…How old are you? (I’m older, so I can ask!!)…Where did you train?…Are you married?…” etc…

My interest in her personally was met with acceptance, perhaps partly since it was genuine. The difference between a “just-passing-the-time” inquisition and frank, sincere attentiveness or concern can often unearth a common ground that somehow connects people. Imagine my delight in finding out that her wedding was just one day after our daughter’s. That was the connection to briefly mention the Lord’s goodness regarding Julianna’s marriage.

Another assistant was studying law while she continued dentistry. During an “instrumental break” I pondered aloud, “I’ve been trying to see the correlation between law and dentistry. The only thing I can come up with is that you figure it’s like pulling teeth to find a good lawyer.” Graciously they all laughed at my attempt at a joke. “Honestly, I hope you’ll be a good and honest lawyer, who not only abides by the law book, but, more importantly, by God’s Book.”

At a follow-up visit I met another girl who listened as the dentist and I shared a vigorous conversation about current events. His observation concerning so many false religions and so-called-prophets gave a basis to verbalize truth. When a certain subject surfaced with the assistant, I smiled, “I have an opinion about that, too.” Returning my smile, she conceded, “I know. A lot of people do.” “My opinion matters little, if it’s only an opinion, and has no more value than another’s opinion. But if it is based on the Word of God it carries the weight of truth. And that makes all the difference.”

In the process Qote 1The receptionist happened to ask Jerry how he was–just after we heard of what appears to be a grossly unjust sentencing. He mentioned how God, the Righteous Judge, sees and knows and will judge not just this man, but all of mankind individually. How comforting I find it to know such a great God in a personal way and have my sins forgiven because of Christ!

Later at the grocery store check-out, neither the cashier nor I could find a pen to sign my receipt. The close aisles made my dilemma obvious to all around, and soon a pen wagged before my face. Accepting it gratefully, I quickly signed my name, returning the pen with a small 2015 calendar tract to the thoughtful man.

After Freddy was baptized this week the ladies gathered around the table while the men enjoyed the outdoors. Memorizing verses, child rearing, true Bible salvation, homemaking skills, prayer…A request for more food instigated all this impromptu teaching. Debrianna’s helpful spirit opened the door to speak about serving the Lord, and one thing led to another.

Oh, to be equipped, prepared with such things as tracts, a ready word, a willing and open heart, a listening ear…

We’re either a missionary going or a mission field waiting. Ephesians 5:16 should cry louder with each passing day, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” It is a GREAT privilege, as well as responsibility, to give a cup of water, the blessed water of the Word, for the Lord Who has done so much for us.

by Debbie Wilhite

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  1. Thanks for your witnessing stories, Debbie! I am encouraged to be ready for the same this week. 🙂 We love you and miss you!

  2. Thanks for a welcome and needed challenge – Our perspective on life’s activities (as a means, not an end) can change our attitude and actions about it~ ♫

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