Little Things Can Be Big


I’m from the “old school.” Speaking at my future daughter-in-law’s shower convinced me of that. I scrutinized my chicken-scratch, attempting to make some sense of my scrawled notes to these dear people. Apparently, it must have hit home to a few since I was asked to reproduce them in my article. In no way will it be the same as on that hurried, happy, humbling day. But it is what it is (even if it’s not what it was!).

Asking our son, Jonathan, what little thing first attracted him to Selena, he pondered, “I don’t know, it’s hard to say…but I won’t think of anything if EVERYONE’S going to know!” So much for an illustration.

As we packed for two of our children’s weddings a myriad of little things faced me. Little thoughts and memories wove their way in and out of my mind as I busied myself. Naturally, they all added up to big things! It struck me how often we overlook, underestimate, minimize the little things, not realizing that often these very things can prove so important and special in future days. Little things…can be big.

We shouldn’t make a big thing out of a little thing, but neither should we misjudge the value of little things.


God speaks often of little things. As the Creator, He gives us examples in nature of little clouds, hills, fishes, lambs, a little ewe, foxes, and the four things that are little but exceeding wise. Matters such as water, a portion, a city, land, wine, substance, and a variety of foods are spoken of as little. The worth of time, as in a little while or a moment, and people (little ones, children, lad, maid, daughter) stand out. Who can ignore a little wrath or trouble, or God’s wisdom in driving out the enemy little by little? Who has not been affected by the little tongue for good or evil?


The Word of God is replete with little words, both positive and negative. A little comfort… secret…space of grace…reviving…worth…learning…sanctuary of God in the hearts of His people among strange nations…help…life…medicine…strength…season…book…faith…forgiveness…love…kindness… forbearance…humility of those little in their own sight.

It is sad to read of a little sleep and slumber…sorrow…false worship…sin…boasting…leaven that leaveneth the whole lump…folly that causes a big stink!


A little water on a plant, or lack of it, could mean the life or death of it. A little plug in a drain could be the answer to a warm, relaxing bath–or the overflow in a sink. A little…look…expression…sigh…smile…frown…can change a the entire mood of a conversation.

A little rest…peace…silence…stillness…prayer…humility…can calm a soul and rejoice the heart.

A little letter or email could encourage or dishearten the receiver. Recently, a slip of my pen made an extra loop in a letter, transforming an “n” into an “m” and changing “selfishness” into “selfish-Mess”! A little word can make or break the spirit. Two little words, “I do,” forever change life! “I’m sorry…You’re forgiven…Thank you,” are all sweet to the ears.

A little time…trouble…”click” on a right or wrong thing…choice…habit…decision…ignorance… All can point one in a direction, determining a destiny whether good or bad.

The list could go on and on. It’s good to remember: Little things really CAN make a difference!


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