My Plans Will Wait

By Debbie Wilhite

It seems we just tallied all the grades and put the books away. Another school year presently stares me in the face, ready to be launched. The childhood phrase, “Ready or not, here we come” summarizes my thoughts.

“My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.”  (Ps. 62:5)

As I scanned last year’s August article (a preventative measure so I don’t repeat myself!), it appears my thoughts were correct: comparatively speaking, I really haven’t done a lot during the past 2 months! Yet, where did that holiday go?

Let’s see…the months of June and July reveals several guests graced our home. It was a breath of fresh air (and quite a bit of fun) to have Tanner Bjerke and Wade Berg spend a couple days with us. Thanks to Scott & Donna Kuzel for sharing these young men from their sending church in ND. Our friends, Michelle & Michaella, from Pretoria, visited one weekend, much to Debrianna’s delight.

From Durban, the Kilmers spent 4 days of their special anniversary holiday with us. True to style (both theirs and ours), it became a working-holiday as we cleaned the village church and painted our lounge and the outside of the house. We couldn’t have done it without them! George and Jackie Wyatt also came for a couple meals. Well, that’s not all they came for. 😉 But with Julianna here, meals are sure to be yummy.  Which reminds me…when the mice finished off our old stove, we were without one (a stove, not mice, unfortunately), for over 6 weeks. That’s another story…

Victor, Dimakatso, and their two children were finally able to gather together with us for a meal. We’ve missed having this family together as Victor is still here, but his wife’s job has her closer to family about 5 hours south.

The highlight of our holiday, though, had to be the Missionary Families’ Retreat my husband planned with George Wyatt. We hosted 5 families, July 3-6, with a variety of special events, family games, delicious food, and GREAT preaching. What an encouragement!!! Our hearts were filled to overflowing (so were our days!!).

Julianna and Debrianna had the privilege of 9 days with the Kuzels in Nelspruit getting an enjoyable taste of their family life and ministry. When Jerry and I drove to Nelspruit to get the girls, we stayed overnight at a nearby B&B. What an interesting conversation we had with a dear Jewish couple at breakfast. Presently Juli and Joshua are spending the weekend with the Hammetts in Tzaneen. It’s a joy to have children, grown as well as young, who desire to be a blessing and help to others.

Our older friend, Reuben, came by bus from Zimbabwe last week, arriving around 2 am! That 6 hour trip takes them 10 hours. Whew! He was able to stay one week before having to return to vote. It was heartening to have him along with all the traveling Jerry’s done this week between Bible studies and another funeral. We were disappointed to have plans change when we tried to take him to Kruger Park last Monday. Our van broke down near Phalaborwa. That’s yet another story! Praise the Lord for friends in need indeed, as George Hammett helped get us back home.

The elderly father of our friends and church members (Albert, Sarah, Mariah, Captain) died after a short illness. Jerry spent 4 days back and forth ministering to them. Sad times. As Reuben said, “One always needs to be ready to live and die, just like a good soldier.” How true! Our friend, David, has been able to spend some time here as well during his college break. He’s been a great help with interpreting at recent Bible studies as well as these two funerals.

A few days have been interspersed in these months, designated for doctor appointments.  Drew had an ingrown toenail; I’ve tried treatments for an arm that falls asleep when I do; and Joel had “repairs” done on his broken left forearm. No fun!!!

Hmm, now looking back on some of what filled those days, it looks like we did get some things done!  Perhaps not the things which I  was planning at the school’s end, but that which the Lord had in mind, none the less. My plans can wait–I’m more than happy to doing God’s will. And my plans will wait!!

Ready and waiting! Rejoicing in the Lord,



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