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Usually I try to keep my articles simple.  Give me a topic and let me run with it (keeping me from rambling!).  Not this time, though.  The past few months seem to have been a jumble of wonderful times with family and friends as well as situations bearing some sorrows.  The Lord, as is His nature, has been good in all these times and situations.

June brought us to the midwest states of Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.  It also took Jerry and me to 3 meetings in California.  We were able to spend some time with Jerry’s parents and connect with some cousins of his after many years.  What a joy to see them walking with the Lord.

It was a delight to be in a missions conference again.  Our hearts are always challenged by the worldwide–and home–need of missions: truly it’s the heartbeat of God.  The next week ushered in family camp where we relaxed with friends.  Not only was it fun–Jerry and Pastor Roets won the horseshoe tournament and Dyanna’s team placed second in volleyball–but more importantly the messages were stirring.  It was a blessing to finally meet the Fort family (Chicago), the Brauers (Canada), and Pastor and Mrs. Humphrey from North Pole, Alaska.  Part of the next week was another camp with dear “Nord D’kotans”–I felt right at home!

July has had us in ND, MN, WI, and MO.  (If you scramble the letters up you’ll see we were in WINDNOMM…a new word describing an interesting night where we headed to Jerry’s cousin’s basement in hurricane weather.)  Right now it’s been so hot my elbows are sweating!  Feels like Tzaneen, RSA, in summer…not our dear Polokwane with its low humidity…ahhh, makes me homesick…

We had the wonderful privilege of being with my mom for a few days in July, during which several relatives came to see us.  I was so glad to visit with my mom, both of my sisters, my great aunt and 2 of her daughters, my mom’s sister, and my dad’s sister and her husband–all close relatives that stirred up those memories!

Some may have read of my cousin Susie’s husband and the trial they still face.  How we thank the Lord for bringing us from Africa and them from Washington state, arranging us to be a mere 2 hours away in their time of need in St. Paul, and allowing us time together at the hospital.  Sue and I hadn’t been together in 15 years, and Jerry hadn’t seen her since our wedding!

Thus, our days are filled with blessings and burdens, praise and prayer.  And the Lord is good–ALWAYS.

Plodding…and praying…




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  1. Debbie,
    Just checking in to see where you are in your ‘plodding’ and to let you know I am praying for you. We are back in Ukraine now. Still getting over jet lag though.

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