The Lost Art of Discernment

My little boy just turned eight months old and everyday he becomes more aware of his surroundings. His eyes and ears are constantly perking up with interest. Soon he’ll be able to identify shapes, colors and animal names and sounds. Unfortunately, I can’t just download all that information into his head, but rather he must learn it…a process which takes time and practice.


The Potential of a Thought

And thus begins February, the month of love. Chocolates, flowers, hearts, everything pink and glittery and romantic – all pointing to one particular holiday that some of my friends like to call “Single Awareness Day.” Perhaps the most depressing day of the year for a single girl, one might feel like all the married people are taunting with their relationship status. Every decoration, every bunch of roses, every couple with starry gazes just reminds you that you are yet single and unattached. There’s no one to send you chocolates and flowers.

Contemplative Cleaning

Recently while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor (it really needed it!) I made some observations about sin and dirt. Maybe it was the Pine-sol that put me in a pensive mood, or perhaps it is just that dealing with sin and dealing with dirt are so obviously alike, and I don’t naturally like addressing either of them! Why should we deal promptly with sin in our hearts (and dirty bathroom floors)?



She was young, full of anticipation, and overflowing with dreams of the future. She had high energy, optimism, goals and dreams.

Rhoda was a young believer mentioned in Acts who attended a prayer meeting held at Mary’s house for the imprisoned Peter. Now in Rhoda’s day Christians feared death or imprisonment by the Romans. Perhaps it was her youthful ignorance that kept her in the house praying instead of at home where it was safe. Nonetheless, she demonstrated faith in God despite the potential danger.


How to Receive a Gift You Didn’t Want

The whole family is gathered together. Twinkling lights reflect in children’s eyes as they gather around and Grandpa reads the Christmas story. There is hot apple cider to sip and fresh cookies to munch. Then the fun begins – it’s gift time! The gifts are distributed, and soon it is your turn. You open a soft, lumpy package from your Great Aunt Martha. It’s a… sweater! Yes, a sweater in a color that you despise, in that odd 90’s style that is definitely not modern, but not yet vintage, and hence, a style you would not be caught dead in. Worst of all, there are rabbits embroidered around the bottom edge. Too kitschy, too outdated, too childish, too UGLY. Now what happens?


A few months ago, while my daughter was cleaning the bathrooms, she noticed that there were several hand soap dispensers that were just about empty and needed to be replaced. Rather than throw all of them away, and waste that last little bit of soap in the bottom of each of them, she used creativity and resourcefulness to combine them all into one of the dispensers, so that soap wouldn’t be wasted and could be used to clean hands! This is a great example of a young lady using resourcefulness!


When Mom & Dad Are Wrong

Let’s be honest — young people don’t always cherish and agree with the authority of their mom and dad. There’s probably dozens of times you thought they had no clue what they were talking about. While parents generally are smarter than their little offspring running around half their age, they still are human and sinners…just like you.


A Hard Lesson

I think one of the hardest things that a single woman struggles with is the whole issue of security. It is a many-faceted problem, and one that we often think would be solved by getting married. “If only I had a husband, then I would have someone to take care of me, someone to share my burdens. If only I was married, I would have financial security, a place to live, someone to love me unconditionally, and someone else to just be in charge and make the decisions for me!”


Lessons from Newborn Days

A few months ago, the Lord blessed our family with a healthy baby girl! Our little Emma has been a delightful addition to our home. Her newness hasn’t worn off yet, the big kids just love her to pieces! And as with each new addition, the Lord has taught me a few lessons, and reminded me of some old ones, too.

Myth Busters

7 Myths Common to Teen Girls Busted By the Word of God


A Word Fitly Spoken

Dear Sisters, we all have the wonderful opportunity to be pictures of silver and our friends can shine like those golden apples. But it all starts with being that friend that is fitly spoken. Can I encourage you to set a goal to pray that God will bring someone into your life that you can make shine like apples of gold? Ladies, God has made us so special and given us many different and amazing talents. Let’s go forward and use them for God’s glory.


In vain she tried to remove the matted knot from her beautiful locks only to finally heed to her mother’s wisdom. Cutting out the tangled hair seemed at the time quite devastating, but once done, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, her hair looked and felt much better.


Overwhelmed and Overanalyzing

How often have I been lovingly encouraged not to over analyze. How often I have tried to fix my problems by thinking, and thinking and thinking them out. Have you ever wondered why we think overanalyzing is going to help a situation? I have found myself having to make a phone call and pondering what exactly I’m going to say and what the other person might reply. As women we really do tend to over think way too much!



I recently read through the book of Joshua, and over and over again in that book, the Lord instructs Joshua to be courageous and strong! Certainly Joshua’s soldiers needed to demonstrate courage as they conquered cities and fought wars, but is courage important for a young girl, too?

That Little 3-Letter Word

I’m sure you’re wondering which three-letter word to which I’m referring. It’s a word that perhaps strikes a little embarrassment, as well as allot of curiosity, in your mind. Yet it’s something you’re familiar with—thanks to that box located in the middle of your family room. It’s most likely a verbal taboo amongst some of your friends and especially your parents! Yep, that three-lettered word I’m talking about it sex. (Wipe that smile off your face young lady ;o)

Life – Curveballs, Confusion and Chaos?

In praying for what topic I should write this month’s article on, I kept drawing a blank. But then while I was reading in Deuteronomy I came across the verse that begins with this statement: “And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee…” After reading through the chapter, I couldn’t let go of a question that had begun to rise up in my heart. “As a woman what is required of me?” In my job, in my family life, in my daily routines there are many things that are required of me. But what does the Lord require of me?


Finishing With Joy

As you already know, the final push to the deadline of anything is often the most daunting time period, too. Not only are we in the last days of this pregnancy, but we are in the last few weeks of our school year, trying to patiently wait out these lingering weeks of cold, winter-like weather, and striving to keep the kids focused on finishing the school year well and not going stir-crazy in the process!


Have you ever been in a conversation with another girl when she began talking about how much she didn’t like some decision her parents had made? Or how unhappy she was with something that her teacher did? Or maybe you have been tempted to discuss these ideas with friends or brothers and sisters? Those are great opportunities for you to demonstrate the character trait of loyalty.


The Skinny on Models

If you consider yourself a normal teenage girl, I would venture to say you have someone in your life you like to model. You adapt their way of thinking, acting, dressing, etc. I always laugh when I see a small group of high school girls walking in the mall dressed exactly alike! What’s with that? Usually it’s because one girl in the group is the model for their fashion dos and don’ts…not a whole lot of individuality going on there.

One Day at a Time

Sometimes in life, we come to stages of time where we have never been before. And it is in these times where we might not be exactly sure where to go from here. The image of the Israelites walking in thousands across the wilderness comes to mind. They had no way of knowing where the next water supply would be. All they knew was that there was a Pillar of Cloud in the day and a Pillar of Fire in the night that they were to follow. When we come to these stages of life, we all need to slow down and take one day at a time.