Board Book Lessons

By Abigail Pasterski

We have a particular little board book that has been read over and over again to each of our babies and they have all enjoyed it.  It’s about a duckling who leaves the pond looking for someone to play with and asking himself the question, “What did God make me to do?”  Invariably, he becomes more and more disappointed as he encounters several little creatures (like a lamb, mole, squirrel, and bunny) and they are each eager to play with him, only Little Duckling isn’t able to scamper or dig or climb or hop with the new friend.  Almost at the point of desperation, up waddle three other ducklings and remind Little Duckling that he is very good at swimming.  Of course Little Duckling joins the other ducklings back on the pond, swimming his little heart out and happy to have found, or rather been reminded again, of “what God made little ducklings to do.”

Nearly every time I read the story, I can’t help but notice that Little Duckling’s problem began with the very first sentence of the book: “Little Duckling left the pond one day…”  The problem was that he left the place that God had for him and went looking for something else.  Of course, he didn’t fit in anywhere else and found himself incapable, discontent, and very unhappy.

There is a teensy bit of Little Duckling in us Mamas, at times, isn’t there?  Sometimes being at home with needy children doesn’t seem as appealing as it once did.  Babies are demanding, the workload seems endless, school lessons become overwhelming and we can find ourselves wishing to be somewhere else.  Maybe out for coffee with the sister, or on a shopping trip with a girlfriend, or back at school finishing that degree, or perhaps, we are just wishing for a little bit more time.  More time for “me” or more time for uncompleted projects or hobbies.  Or we dream of a different house, neighborhood, or fill-in-the-blank.  Our problem is the same as Little Duckling’s: we are wishing for something that God has not provided and we will find ourselves becoming more and more discontent and desperate if we allow ourselves to step outside of God’s will to achieve it.

The answer is to take a look around at all that God has already provided and choose to be content.   I’m sure, if your situation is at all similar to mine, you can find multitudes of things to be thankful for!  We, Mothers, are very blessed and privileged ladies!  Let’s not take for granted the precious souls and the wonderful homes that God has entrusted to us and long for something extra just because the path is difficult.  God has promised to be with us and provide enough grace for every day. {II Corinthians 12:9}   He says that He will gently lead those with young.  {Isaiah 40:11}  Cry out to Him for His limitless grace in your lives and stay “on your own pond” enjoying all of the goodness that He has already provided for you!


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  1. I just got around to reading your article…very encouraging – thanks for writing it!

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