Crafting a Set of Love Journals


*Follow these Steps for a Fun Fall Project that Will Help you Rekindle Your Love for Your Husband.

  1. Purchase 2 skinny pretty journals. (I like to use the skinny decorative ones you can get at Hobby Lobby for a couple of dollars each.)

2. Gather your materials: 

a. pretty pens, markers

b. scissors

c. a page of floral or heart stickers

d. a glue stick or tape runner

e. a large rubberband

f. A favorite pen (I personally love the Papermate Flair pen that comes in all kinds of fun vibrant colors and writes smoothly.)

g. An adhesive pen loop to attach to your journal (I purchase my adhesive pen loops on Amazon)

h. A favorite picture of the two of you.

3. Putting Your Journals Together:

a. Decide which journal will be your “personal” journal. This is where you will write daily or as often as you like when you need to reflect on, communicate with God, write down thoughts when trials come that you need to turn over to God. This journal will eventually be filled up and will need to be replaced with a new one.

b. The other journal will be your “Husband” journal. This is the one we will focus on creating today. We will fill this with reminders, quotes and things you learn about your husband as you “Become a Student of Your Husband.” This one will be referred to regularly and will be a place for collecting thoughts to help you to remember how to love and honor your husband, not as one to regularly journal in.

c. Now using the large rubber band, join the two journals together by gathering some pages from each journal in the middle and coupling the backs together. This will enable them to be bound together. 

Note: When you fill up your “personal” journal, you can uncouple the journal and replace it with a new one easily. 

d. Add your adhesive pen loop & favorite pen to the back cover of the “Husband” journal.


4. Preparing your Journal.

a.  Now add a favorite picture of the two of you to the inside cover with your glue stick or tape runner tape. You can use fancy scissors to cut the edges if you like.

b. On the first page...write the Title “Why I Love My Husband.” Now create a list of all the thing that you like about your husband. Add to this often and refer to this when you are having a disagreement. This is a good reminder for us to be thankful for who our husbands are.


c. Turn another page and on the next right page, write the Title “Getting to Know.... (your husband’s name). Use this page to begin a list of who your husband is.  Include his job title, his hobbies, what he loves to do, favorite foods, his personality types (like his Enneagram, Love Language or Animal).

d. Now turn over another page, title this page “His Needs.” This is the page to record the things he tells you that he needs. You may be surprised that what you thought he needed is not what he actually needs. (Does he really care that your house is spotless or that dinner is on the table when he gets home? Maybe he just wants a Happy Wife and His Kids to Greet him at the door.) Record a reminder for you to meet those needs here.

e. Now turn to the end of your journal. On the left side, write any reminders that God has revealed to you. (I have written... “Remember, at the point of impact, STOP, Turn it Over to God, Praise and Thank Him.”)

f. Now turn one more page from the back. Starting on the left side, start collecting quotes from your study of your husband. As a wise older Christian woman once told me, spend at least 5 min a day reading a marriage book. This is a great place to add quotes or reminders from what you learn.

g. Finally decorate your pages with vibrant pen colors and add fun stickers like flowers or hearts.

5. Using your journals regularly. 

a. Leave these journals somewhere you can refer to them regularly (though maybe not out in the open laying around since your ‘personal journal” is rather private). Add to the “Husband” Journal regularly as you challenge yourself to read 5 minutes of a marriage book every day. Put it next to your nightstand when you are nursing or with your Bible time materials.

b. When trials come, and you are faced with conflict, use your “Personal” Journal to tell God all about it. Write down any thought you are having. Unload it all to God and give your burden to Him. Ask him to show you through your own journaling, what a Biblical Response to the conflict you are going through is, then write those thoughts down and act upon it.

Hope this helps you to rekindle your love and Fall in Love All over Again!



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