Eyes Only for Him

If you have talked to me at all in the past three months, you are aware that I recently became the owner of a cute German Shepherd puppy, Toby. I might be slightly biased, but I do think he is a sweet dog with a good temperament and intellect. He learns commands well, which I am thankful for, in considering my lack of expertise at training a dog.

One of Toby’s few, but frustrating negative tendencies is his sudden yanking on his leash when he spots one of his friends - which, if you are a human, you qualify as one of his friends. He is especially bad with this when he sees his Golden Retriever friend, Leo. He wants so badly to go to him that he stops listening to commands and whines impatiently when I hold him back and make him sit down.

My thought about that is, Why does he have to fight me so much? When will he be content to be with me? Will he ever get to the point that, as long as he is with me, he doesn’t need anything else?
Now, since he is still a puppy, I have a hope to eventually see improvement in this area, but in the meanwhile, I am reminded of the two things I was told I would most need with a puppy: patience and perseverance.

As I was contemplating this struggle with Toby, I was struck with the thought of how much this pictures our relationship with God. We may love the Lord, enjoy spending time with Him, and want to obey Him and please Him. But how often do we see something or someone that we want more than we want Him? We think that true pleasure and happiness will be found if we can only attain what we are longing for, be it a relationship, possessions, success, praise of man, fun, entertainment, and so on.

God, in His mercy, withholds those things from us at times, not because He is mean and unloving, but because He knows what is truly best for us. Instead of listening to Him, we fight and fight, trying to attain our own way. We cease to listen and obey, rebelling against His authority. Even then, He is so patient with us and perseveres in instructing us in the right way.

There is a reason they say that "you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” The more set in his ways a dog gets, the less likely he is going to change as he gets older. That’s why the best time to train a dog is while they are still a puppy. In like manner, the Bible instructs us that we are to “remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth...” Seek to learn submissive obedience and to have a real, intimate relationship with the Lord now, rather than growing hard and rebellious against Him. One or the other will happen; we never just stay still.
“Behold, as the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the LORD our God, until that he have mercy upon us.”Psalm 123:2
I want to get to the point where I have eyes only for my Master, only desiring to be constantly with Him. I want to be ever ready to hear and obey His command and to find, if I am with Him, I need nothing and no one else. True joy, true satisfaction is found in knowing Him and following Him. How we should pursue a closer walk to Him!


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  1. As humans we can and do break rules and are impatient and go after what we shouldn’t just like our pets. We too have to
    have the Lord remind us to Proverbs 3:5&6…

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