Am I Privileged?

Right now a phrase that we hear floating around is “privilege”. Main Stream Media tells us that we are privileged because of the color of our skin. We are privileged because we make a certain level of income each year. We are privileged because of the neighborhood we grew up in. The goal? To make you feel guilty to spur you to action so that you will help others feel more included.

I don’t read a lot of the news, and I honestly don’t think it does much for my spirit to keep it in front of me all the time. But there IS one area that I can tell you I am very “privileged” about and it’s come to my attention the longer I live overseas.
I am privileged to have the Bible in my language.

I am privileged to have heard and understood the Gospel from a young age.

I am privileged to have many good resources in my language that can encourage me and challenge me in my spiritual growth.

I am privileged to have fellowship with other believers.

I am privileged to have access to strong preaching anytime.
Ladies, we have it GOOD! A better word to replace “privilege” would be BLESSED. We are blessed indeed to have access to Scripture. If you’ve read even a few missionary biographies you’ve read about the struggle that so many have had in the past to get people groups a Bible in their own language. Even today, there are many involved in this endeavor. Here in Thailand we witness the struggle with translations and the difficulty people have to understand the high level language that is in their Bible. Many, if not most, of the words are a different set of vocabulary that they are unfamiliar with. To study their Bible takes a lot more intention and dedication.

In addition, the resources available for teaching and discipleship are greatly limited! Thankfully, not AS much as in other languages, but it has made me realize just how much I take for granted as I think about the entire library at my fingertips. And even the many resources I have to teach my children the way of the Lord.

Recognizing this “privilege” or this BLESSING has caused me to ponder what I must do.

1. I should thank God.

O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.Psalm 107:1

2. I should teach others.

As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.1 Peter 4:10

3. I should take advantage of this blessing.

- Be a diligent student of the Bible
- Commit myself to the opportunity of fellowship with other believers
- Listen attentively to the preaching that I have available to me
Oh, how many things in life we take for granted until they are gone! It’s then that we understand their true value. But we don’t have to wait to understand the value of what we have! We can be observant now and praise God for this incredible “privilege.”


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  1. Thank you, Alyssa. With revelation comes responsibility. This is not a weight, it is an honor.

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