2020 Clear Vision

To be told you have 20/20 vision refers to the clarity or sharpness of your vision.

"Clarity" - the origin of the word comes from the Latin “clarus” or clear. The word "clear" is an adjective and can be defined as free from obstruction; free from any thing that creates doubt; in obstructed, unobscured; sharp.

When I think of vision I think of the ability to see.  I can use my vision to see things right in front of me, or I can use my vision to see things afar off.  


As I have been praying and thinking about this new year, I have been struggling to find my “theme” for this new year.  I have seen the catchy phrases, memes, and play on 2020 and vision for the new year, and it was through those that God spoke to my heart so loudly, or should I say “clearly.”  This brought me to the “focus” of clear vision.

As I humbly went before the Lord seeking wisdom and direction of how to purposefully apply this to my life, I was brought to Proverbs 29:18 - "Where there is no vision, the people perish…"

I then had to dig deeper than ever.  How do I strive for clear vision this year? Well, to have clarity, you first have to acknowledge the problem.  

I wear glasses in order to see clearly.  Without my glasses I can see, but the images processed through my uncorrected vision are blurry, out of focus, and unrecognizable.  My glasses have a very specific prescription. If that prescription is not evaluated periodically, my vision will become blurred again, and left uncorrected further, even my glasses will no longer produce clear vision. 

As we age, our bodies begin to fail. Our vision, even if corrected, needs to be evaluated from time to time. The problem, many times, is that we begin to walk in denial. We think that we can continue with clouded vision and even try to function with what we have.  Before you know it, we have completely lost focus. 

So, this is what the Lord showed me.  I have a relationship with the Lord. At one point in my life, over 20 years ago, I received new “glasses.” They were glasses that helped me see my need for a Savior.  When I put on those glasses, I clearly saw who I was before God.

Over the years, as I grew in my relationship with Him, it was necessary to reevaluate my “prescription” and get new glasses at times because my vision would be blurred and need to be strengthened.  God’s word would be that prescription adjustment, and cultivating that relationship through His word would be the new glasses to provide visual acuity - clarity.  

To be deemed legally blind is to have 20/200 or less visual acuity in your better eye EVEN with corrective lenses.  God has revealed to me that, although I do have a relationship with the Lord my vision has been less than 20/200 leaving me, in a sense, spiritually blind.  My lack of clear vision has been used by Satan to cause distance from God because I lost my focus of Who God is!

God has shown that my vision needs a stronger prescription, so this year I will get new glasses.  Glasses that will bring God back into focus, clear my vision, and restore my spiritual sight from 20/200 to 2020.  Having eyes, see ye not?...and do ye not remember? (Mark 8:18)

How about you, how is your vision for 2020?


Written by Cindy Vile

Cindy is a member of the Lehigh Valley Baptist Church and has a love for life and laughter. Her heart's desire is that Christian women would understand and experience the same grace of God that she has been given. Read her salvation testimony here.


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