Kristin’s Africa Update

Dear Ladies,

What a long time it's been since I've written an update! As I am writing, the breeze is blowing, the birds are chirping, and it is 77*F in the southern hemisphere. We are currently in the middle of summer. South African schools just started their new school year.

It is hard to believe we moved into our new home 10 weeks ago. We are mostly unpacked and settled in, although still have a few things to do. George is still busy sorting out all the home repairs that needed to be done. We were in a time crunch to get the most important things tended to before a lot of businesses closed from mid December to mid January for Christmas.

Over the years we have never been able to keep our home when we went on furlough so we have always packed up our stuff and put it in storage. Of course, these storage units are far from being climate controlled, so we really didn't know what to expect after being gone so long this furlough. Thankfully, the only thing that was lost was a mattress. A mouse decided it was the loveliest of places to start a family. 🙂 We were very blessed to have the help of the Kuzels and George's parents, and a good moving company on moving day.

Since then it has been a whirlwind! We were blessed with fellowship with the Kuzels, Morrisons, our friends David & Lizbeth, Pastor Tom and Rhonda Smith, and of course George's parents. We look forward to what the Lord is doing and will do in the upcoming months. In addition to weekly discipleship and outreach, we have had the opportunity to have a Family Conference and special Sunday service with Bro. Smith, as well take part in a Men's meeting a few hours away.

On a personal note:

Although I very much miss our hometown of 13 years, I am thankful for the beautiful home the Lord provided for us here. So many things have the Lord's fingerprints all over them. Thank you, Lord! Thank you church for praying for us. We never imagined ourselves living in Polokwane (and still some days we wonder where exactly we are), but we can see God's hand in many things. We are still learning a new big town, new stores, and of utmost importance - new coffee shops! Haha. The kids are diligently working on their school work. Mangoes and watermelon are in season. Ginger, our Rhodesian Ridgeback doggie is happy to be home. I love and miss you all dearly. We tune in LIVE every Sunday afternoon to LVBC's morning service. It is a joy to see you all, hear the songs, and be fed richly from God's Word. Thank you for your continued kindness to us, and your care for us in prayer. We are looking forward to those of you who will be visiting this year!


Making mango jam.


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