A Mother is Born

The preparation time before my son was born was a huge time of transition for me - almost as much as it was when I was preparing for marriage. I had so many questions about what to expect along the way and afterward. I knew my life wouldn’t be the same, and I was excited about this new season. Yet even as I began to read books about motherhood and nurturing a little one, it was like I didn’t see myself in the words on those pages. I was a loving wife, a busy teacher, and a happy homemaker, but I wasn’t a Mom. But I really wanted to be! So I began to ask God to help me know where to begin, and to help me embrace this new mentality. My heart soon began to grow warm and excited about meeting my little boy, though my natural fear of the unknown was closely coupled with it.

When my son was born, I was utterly dependent on every nurse, doctor and baby guru app to tell me exactly what to do. I had very little confidence that I would naturally know how to take care of this needy infant wrapped up tightly, and lying in the glass tray beside me.

I felt brand new that day - like the squeaky plastic toy that’s never been used or played with. What do I do if he gets sick? Will I know how to feed him enough? Questions filled my heart, even though I had stacks of paperwork that I had signed, signifying that the hospital staff had given me all the answers.

Then there was a moment. As we were packing up to leave that little recovery room, we paused to pray. And I'm so glad we did. Because it became the point in time that I had waited for, when I started to see this darling baby as my own. It was the first of many moments to follow, where the blessedness of motherhood swept over me, and the tears gushed out from a heart that had finally burst. “We are parents.” The weight of the words sunk into the core of our being, and furrowed deeply into the crevasses within us that had never before been explored. Blessed. Blessed indeed, beyond anything we deserved.

Then we were sent home to begin this journey. With trembling steps, my sweet husband held my hand, assured me of his tender love and support, and walked with me slowly into the unknown. A bumbling trio. All three - brand new.


A Mother is Born

When that first cry sounded clear
From her child to her ear
Born to earth an infant, yes,
And yet was birthed a Mother.

Never had this girl a clue
Who she’d be, and what she’d do
Once the news had come to her
That she would be a Mother.

Even simple tasks were new
Ever changing as the little one grew.
Learning daily what it means
To truly be a Mother.

Selfishness within her heart
Surfaced as she played her part;
Yet she learned to serve with joy
This one who calls her Mother.

Motivated now to rise
Before the child’s open eyes,
To get some quiet time and pray
For strength to be a Mother

Every sacrifice she makes
Of body, mind and soul - it takes
Her all - for God has chosen her
Fore’er to be a Mother

Those little hands and feet so small,
Will oftentimes demand her all;
But ne’er would she for wealth exchange,
The love she’s known - as Mother.

Reflect, that when a child so dear
Is birthed - their littleness so clear.
That just as much is born to earth
A new creation - Mother.

Nina R. Gaus
"And she said, Oh my lord, as thy soul liveth, my lord, I am the woman that stood by thee here, praying unto the LORD. For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him: Therefore also I have lent him to the LORD; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the LORD..."1 Samuel 1:26-28


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  1. Just awesome Nina !! I will share this article with my SIL, who is going to have her first baby in two weeks 🙂

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