Michelle’s Furlough Update

Dear Ladies,

Today’s greetings are sent from the truck as we leave the state of Missouri and head north to North Dakota and Canada. We’ve had a great month in Missouri visiting our supporting churches, getting reacquainted with some and meeting new friends along the way. God has blessed us with some great churches. We are humbled at the sacrificial giving and generosity. We had a personal need this month and the Lord provided through His churches! They didn’t even know what the need was yet the Lord used them to meet it! If you ever want to vacation in Missouri, there are some wonderful places to go to church! You can even get some good coffee in the town where George and Rachel Hammett were born!


We are looking forward to meeting up with some of you at teen camp at the end of this month! Joshua is counting the days.... please continue to pray for safe travels and good weather for us. We have many more miles to go!

Love, Michelle Castner


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