Simply Serve

Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus: Who...took upon him the form of a servant...Philippians 2:4-7

If in your heart, you long to be,
A greater friend to those in need,
A worthy soul whom all can know
They can depend where’re they go.

Then think with me: “What makes one true?
What makes one rest in all they do?
What makes them shine and others dull?
What attitude pervades their soul?”

For me, I found, no matter who-
A friend, a boss, a worker too;
A leader, parent, sibling, youth,
They all expound this common truth.

That if they choose to others serve,
Beyond what each they deem deserve,
To treat with kindness, love and care,
To give, and help, and gladly share.

Now if you think, “This cannot be!”
And do not know if you agree,
Reflect on those you appreciate best!
Those you respect; in whose presence you rest.


Ask yourself how with them you’re at ease?
Or why they’ve done well; and emit such peace?
Why they have friends; or a job that is steady?
Why for each opportunity, they seem to be ready?

It’s because they’re a servant of each one they meet.
Humble, alert - to each person they greet.
Thinking of others, themselves put aside;
A perspective they keep when in Christ they abide.

Giving and giving and giving again;
Yet never accounting to get back from them.
Sacrifice even, when need should arise.
Or just thoughtful gestures, of large or small size.

It’s simple and then just as challenging as that.
Your life will be blessed with joy- not regret.
Cultivate a heart that puts self on reserve.
Your world will transform, when it’s others you serve.


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