Wait Again!

The time had come, I had waited so long!
I saw him standing there, and my heart had a song.
I had followed God’s Word, and guarded my heart.
Now in marriage I would finally take part.

The honeymoon over, my life so content,
I started to ponder life with children in it.
The more I pondered the more I cried,
But God said “Wait again!” and so I tried.

After prayer and patience a little girl came,
People weren’t kidding when they said life would not be the same!
I knew I’d be happy. I knew life was grand.
After all, it was going just as I planned!

Through all of this joy we saw God’s hands.
Just a newly married couple with all these grand plans.
God had called us to missions, but when? and where?
He told us to wait again. He said, “Trust me. I care!”

So we waited and waited….and waited a while.
We faithfully served him through each waiting mile.
“Would you have us go there? Would you have us do this?”
After seeking God’s will it was not to be missed!!

It was finally time, God laid on our heart,
A mission field where He wanted us to take part.
“At last!” I said. “Now this is it!!
We’ve waited so long! Now our life will be content”

But again God said, “Wait, You may not know.
But It’s not time yet, when it’s time I’ll say ‘Go.’”
So we visited the country, and waited again.
When could we move forward in reaching these men?

God’s answer was sure, it was every time
That I had waited for an answer to a question of mine.
Sometimes it came later than I would choose,
But God’s not confined to my limited views.

Each time that I thought the wait was in my way,
God said “Wait again. Your way isn’t my way.
There’s always something else to make life a ‘success’,
But where you’re living now is where you can see my goodness.”

It’s today that He wants you to see His strong hand,
It’s today that He has something grand for you planned.
To look far beyond at what yet will be,
Discontentment can grow and become “all about me”.

So friend, today you wait, and tomorrow you will too.
For there will always be something more to do.
But dwell on His goodness and all that He’s done,
And you’ll find that waiting can be ever so fun!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! God’s plans often contain the “waiting” and “what ifs”. Oh, that we would learn to just trust Him!!! May God continue to bless you as you and your beautiful family serve Him!!!

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