Greetings from Texas

Dear Ladies,

Greetings from Texas! Our travels have taken us all the way south to the ocean. Now it is time to turn and go west for awhile. We will be in Texas a couple more weeks, then we head off to New Mexico.

The end of July we traveled back to Missouri for the wedding of our youngest son. What a blessing to have all the family together! What a blessing to have all our children married! We praise the Lord for the godly mates He has given to each of our children. We truly count that as a blessing. I was also able to fly back to Pennsylvania for the wedding reception at our church for Samuel and Megan, and was able to connect with some of you there.

We praise the Lord for your prayers on our behalf. When we look at all the miles we have traveled and all the crazy people on the roads these days, we know someone has to be praying!! The Lord has blessed us with good weather, no vehicle problems, health, and strength. We don’t take any of that for granted! On top of that, He has blessed us with good meetings, generous love offerings, and new friendships along the way. We praise the Lord for the privilege of serving Him!

One of the interesting things we have noticed as we have traveled is how generic religion has become in America. What used to be identified as First Baptist Church or Second Presbyterian Church has now become Crossroads Chapel or Faith Outreach Christian Center. Others have names such as The Vineyard, The Element, The Hub, and Greater Grace. These are just a few of the interesting ones we have seen along the way. They show the philosophy of religion in America today that doesn’t want to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. So they choose a generic name and preach a generic message that doesn’t mention sin.

All that just makes me very thankful for a sound church that preaches the truth of the Word of God. It also makes me thankful for the faithful members of our church. We love you all and look forward to seeing you all again in a few months. For those that want to know—we still don’t have a return date. Keep praying that we will know God’s will in that matter.

Love to all,


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