Book Review: The Life Giving Home

“The Life Giving Home – Creating a place of belonging and becoming.” by Sally and Sarah Clarkson

This book is a great resource on how to make home your family’s favorite place to be all year long!

Topics include…

Are you taking the time to connect with each family member creating memories?

Do you long for “home” to mean more than a place where you eat, sleep and store your earthly belongings?

Wouldn’t you love it to become a haven of warmth, rest, and joy . . . the one place where you and your family can’t wait to be?

…and much more.

Every day of your family’s life can be special and important! Making home the most special place on earth for your family will not just happen by accident. Homemaking – not in the sense of housekeeping, but in the broader sense of cultivating the life of a home – has to be done on purpose.

Live life intentionally.

One cannot build what has not been imagined. And one cannot bring a full vision of life without a vision. What makes a home is the life shared there, wherever that may be. And cultivating the life of home requires intentionality, planning, and design.

Help your family enjoy and celebrate every month of the year together, you’ll discover the secrets of a life-giving home.

This book is a treasure full of wise advice, spiritual principles, and practical suggestions. You’ll embark on a new path to creating special memories for your children; establishing home-building and God-centered traditions; and cultivating an environment in which your family will flourish.

Review and recommendation by Jenn Spangenberg

Available at or special order at our church bookstore, Book Heaven.


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