Sunshine Rain

Amidst the changing clouds, towering and spreading, racing and staying, full sunshine flew all around the dusty landscape. Tipping into this fully lit scene poured the sunshine rain. Glittering and warm the spangled drops sprinkled down, an overflow of the bright sky. Flashing brighter than any diamond the innumerable drops changed my entire view. I smiled as I chased the stray trash back to our street side cans. The roads were blackened with the rain, car wipers whirred, AC blew cold and sunglasses abounded. My dusty car, the rain thirsty trees, and the hot and dry construction site, all were liberally covered in sunshine rain. In vain I looked through the mist for a rainbow; sunlight seemed to shine from all angles.

I was grateful for the relief of my outlook hitherto. My car still needs a wash, the trees need a downpour and now the crew has mud added to their humid work. But God added beauty to this corner of town today! A little sunshine rain tossed around brought a new perspective to the ordinary.

At times the world loses its glittering mirage and leaves bare the thirsty ground, like an oppressive August summer. When life needs some sparkle, that sunshine rain would fall in my heart, I need only ask. Sunshine and storms, good times and bad times, I have the Creator of the universe with me always!

“I will pour water on him who is thirsty, I will pour floods upon the dry ground; Open your hearts for the gifts I am bringing; While ye are seeking Me, I will be found.”Meyer, Lucy J. Ho, Every One Who Is Thirsty. 1884.


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