Heathens in Medicine

Statement:  It is impossible to separate religion from medicine.

What someone believes flavors everything they do; this is true in all professions. Your plumber has beliefs. Your banker had beliefs. Your doctors have beliefs. If your plumber or banker do not hold your soul as precious, it’s possible to have no problems. If your doctor does not value life as a precious gift given by an all knowing Heavenly Father, it can cause error and cause you to act out of God’s will.

What?!? Yes, it is true. There is religion mixed in all health care. You may say, the Spirit in me is stronger than their spirit – true – but at some point, you may find you have to part ways or disagree with your health care professionals. I am not saying that if your doctor is not a Christian that you should not go. I am saying, open your eyes and don’t drink the Koolaid.

Let me give you an example. Have you checked which medicines, procedures and vaccines are made from aborted babies? Does this not grieve your soul? No matter what your position on the effectiveness of a vaccine, if it came from an abortion, can you partake?

What about some of the mumbo jumbo about stress relief? I think you should relieve your stress. Should a Christian be relieving stress through meditation (the new age kind)? Connecting with the universe? Connecting with other spirits? And THIS is one of the stress relief methods offered in main stream medicine.

What about  treatment protocol? Is the belief that the body is chaotic and evolving correct? That we have extra parts that are evolutionary remnants?  What if this belief is why a procedure is being performed? Hmmm… Couldn’t the possibility be that God has a purpose and the body is responding rationally, and it’s just that the doctors don’t understand why?

What about birth and death? Are not unborn babies lives worth effort? Even a child with health issues is precious in His sight. Isn’t the death of His saints precious as well?  Wouldn’t it be important to keep that in mind?

What about aging? God says to honor the aged. Medicine has a protocol to determine the quality of life. Is a procedure fiscally worth performing? I see nothing in the Bible that says once a person is too weak to work, their life is not of value. Perhaps being physically set aside, makes their life of higher value, since they can battle in prayer.

It’s a fact that medicine, healthcare and healing is integrated with religious beliefs. Heads up. Just because a doctor or nurse says it, does not make it true. No one acts independent of their beliefs.  Some statements are beliefs not facts and need to be discerned.


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