February Update

Dear Ladies,

Greetings from America! Yes, we finally made it. The Lord supplied our visas in record time and we were able to book our plane tickets before the prices went sky-high because of the Christmas holidays.

We have spent the last couple months trying to adjust to cold weather, the busyness of life on the East coast, fighting sickness due to “new germs” our bodies aren’t used to, and the confusion of unfamiliarity and having everything out of place. We were also able to make a brief trip to the Midwest to see family.

Our church here in Pennsylvania has showered us with love. They have supplied us with a house to live in and a vehicle to drive while we are here. They filled our cupboards with food and gave us a Welcome Home gift to help with buying the things we need. A big THANK YOU to our church family!

We have been visiting supporting churches here in the area and will continue that through the month of February and part of March. Then we will be headed out for places far and wide. We appreciate your prayers as we travel.

A few weeks ago our daughter was able to come for a short visit. Our son who is also a missionary in South Africa is in the states now for a year of furlough. That meant all of our family was together in one place for the first time in 4 years. We had a wonderful time visiting together and making memories. Praise the Lord for family!

I just want to say thank you to all you ladies for your prayers and your love for us. Hoping to be able to see some of you in our travels this year!



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