A Wealth of Wisdom

Do you ever stop and think about all the things that you’ve learned over the last year? Especially as a wife and mother, I look at what I thought I knew last year and I chuckle to myself because I had much to learn. And I still do! The truth is, no matter what stage we are in, God has an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom waiting for us should we choose to seek it.

Many of you know that in about a month’s time my little family and I will be going to Thailand for six months to assist the Williams family with their ministry. I have a whole new appreciation for our missionaries and their wives as I strategically plan what we should put in six suitcases that will best meet our needs while over there and as I try to tackle an incredibly long list of “things to do before we leave” with two little ones! As this opportunity comes closer I find myself feeling so unprepared because this is unknown territory for me. Making a home, preparing meals, and keeping life as normal as possible in such a foreign place is…well…foreign to me! Not to mention the specific ministry opportunities that will be available to us during our time there. But the truth is, God has blessed me with knowing many ladies who have been in this very same spot as I am in!

And while it’s true that I am surrounded by good examples, I find myself still struggling with seeking answers in the right places in every day life!

As a young mom with not many years of experience, I find myself running to Google so often! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. With babies, cooking, house cleaning, etc. there are so many new things popping up every day! And the truth is, it can be humbling to ask for help or advice. Aren’t we supposed to have it all together? Aren’t we supposed to know what we are doing? And even if we don’t, shouldn’t it at least appear that way? It’s much easier to jump on Google during nap time and look up the pages and pages of thoughts and opinions the internet can dump into our lap. I’d like to suggest that nothing can replace the wisdom and care of godly ladies in our church who have gone before us to raise families for the Lord. What a wealth of knowledge we have right at our fingertips! So what can we do to encourage this “sharing of wealth”?

Young wives and moms…

1. Understand that nothing can replace God’s Word. So seek out some older ladies that are clearly living for the Lord or have used God’s Word when raising their own children.
2. Observe those around you. Maybe there are some older ladies you’ve never really taken the time to talk to. I understand! Life with children can make it difficult to see anything other than your toddler who is running on way too little sleep. But you will be a blessing to them and will in turn be blessed when you connect with these older ladies.
3. Make opportunities for good conversation. It’s difficult to do this at church. (See point #2. haha) It may take some creativity but find a way that you can talk one on one with an older godly lady. Get a babysitter if you have to! It’s worth the expense to gain godly wisdom.

“Experienced” wives and moms…

1. Remember back to when you were a young wife and mother. Do you remember the struggles? The discouragements that can come? The questions that you needed answering?
2. Take note of the young wives and mothers and pray.
3. Find a way to encourage a young wife and mother (See pt. 1! And remember what might have helped you be encouraged)
4. Offer friendship. This is the best foundation for offering guidance and wisdom.

God has put each member in a church body for a specific purpose! As women, we have such a unique ministry to each other and opportunities that the world will never understand. May we use it wisely and for, ultimately, God’s glory!

The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.Titus 2:3-5


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  1. Your comments a valid. However our God will provide for all our needs despite our best efforts. Seek the Lord for wisdom and guidance. You will all do well.

  2. I enjoyed your article Alyssa. Very much. I personally am thankful for the aged godly women that the Lord has put in my life, and I desire to be one as the Lord allows.

    You see, I was not brought up in a “Christian home.” By God’s abundant mercy and amazing grace, I became a Christian when I was 27, while in the Navy, with a husband, a 5 year old and a 3 year old, away from any “support structure” to give counsel on marriage and child raising, and even without my own mother, who died from cancer when I was 7, which essentially disintegrated my childhood “traditional family structure.” I had no moral example, let alone a godly one, until I was saved.

    While I, of course, agree that the Holy Spirit is the perfect Teacher, I also agree that when God says in His Word that the aged women are to teach the younger women certain things, even practical everyday life things, He means it. I appreciate your article very much…it put practical “feet” to the Titus 2 instruction, for both the young ladies and the older ones.

    Now, at 53, I still find that through the many stages of life, I further appreciate the (more) aged godly women around me. Each stage brings forth new challenges, and it has helped me to see how some of them have survived situations that I consider unthinkable. They are put there for examples & encouragements of how great God’s grace is, and they (we) still need to be willing to obey God’s command to teach, within the bounds of His Word, the seeking younger women…no matter what the age-frame.

    I agree with your other commenters, that God will provide, and that nothing goes deeper into us than the God-given personal experiences and wisdom found in His Word, but I also continue to see the value in instruction from the aged women. The younger (no matter how old), women are wise to humbly seek, and prayerfully implement that which the Lord shows you is valuable, and the older ladies, a valuable resource, are wisely obedient to be available to pray for, and teach, those who the Lord directs their way.

    God IS good, all the time!

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