“Busy Day” Questions

Impatience and frustration, how they vexed my soul today,
As I faced the chores before me found along the family way.
More to do than I could manage, and demands that more be done
In the world around my kitchen; and it seems that I’m the one
To fill the need that is so pressing, while I wonder in my soul:
Where’s the joy I’d know in service – Will I miss it? and the goal?

So again I paused and uttered in my heart a simple prayer,
“Please don’t mind I’m here again, Lord, but there’s duties everywhere.
My day is short, my list is longer; mind and body weary grows
Long before I have completed all the tasks a mother knows.

“Deep within I fondly cherish thoughts and ideals that are calm,
Never hurried, never flustered, that my touch could be a balm.
Tell me how, my blessed Master, for I know you’ve walked that way,
Sowing much and lifting often burdens great throughout the day.”

“Oh, how well I know the duties that a single day can bring,
When I walked the dusty roadway with the people following.
Scarce a moment for My own needs, food and sleep at times denied,
Because I had a busy schedule with those people by My side.

“Only three short years to labor in their midst and help them see
That the way to fullest service is to labor faithfully.
Take the task that is before you, then with calm and patient care,
Do that task and face the next one; always thread the day with prayer.

“If you do your best and labor cheerfully till set of sun,
Then you’ll know sweet calm and patience even if the work’s not done.
For with each new day that greets you, I’ll give strength to face the load,
If you’ll closely walk beside Me as you travel on life’s road.”

~Submitted by Donna Anger


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